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BUS 2255: Entrepreneurship

Course Guide for BUS 2255 Entrepreneurship.


For a business to be successful, you need more than just a great idea.   You also need information.  You need information about the habits of potential customers, what your competitors are doing, funding opportunities, and more. This guide provides links and information to help find this information.

Articles on Business Plans from Inc. Magazine

Inc Magazine has published some great articles on writing a Business Plan.   Click on the title of any of the articles listed below to read the full-text.    All of the articles are available through the Berkeley College Library.




      By: ALBERT-DEITCH, CAMERON. Inc.. Sep2019, Vol. 41 Issue 5, p62-63. 2p. 1 Color Photograph.

      Subjects: BUSINESS planning; WEB designers; Computer systems design and related services (except video game design and development)

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    • 2.

      THE BEST Business plan on the planet. (cover story).


      By: Warshaw, Michael. Inc.. Aug99, Vol. 21 Issue 11, p80. 8p. 11 Color Photographs.

      Subjects: BUSINESS planning; CONTESTS; TEXAS; AUSTIN (Tex.); UNITED States; UNIVERSITY of Texas

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    • 3.



      By: Barker, Emily; Krass, Peter. Inc.. Oct2001, Vol. 23 Issue 13, p102. 3p. 1 Color Photograph.

      Subjects: BUSINESS planning; STRATEGIC planning; MARKETING; MANAGEMENT; Marketing Consulting Services

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    • 4.

      A Back-to-School Business Plan.


      By: Chafkin, Max. Inc.. Sep2007, Vol. 29 Issue 9, p32-33. 2p.

      Subjects: SCHOOL lunchrooms, cafeterias, etc.; OBESITY; ORGANIC foods; FEDERAL legislation; VENDING machines -- Law & legislation; ELEMENTARY schools; Elementary and Secondary Schools; Other Building Equipment Contractors; All other building equipment contractors; Commercial and service industry machinery manufacturing; Other Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing; Vending Machine Operators; Other Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing; All Other Personal Services

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    • 5.

      Who can help out with a business plan?


      By: Fraser, Jill Andresky. Inc.. Jun99, Vol. 21 Issue 8, p115. 2p. 1 Color Photograph.

      Subjects: INDUSTRIAL management; BUSINESS planning

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    • 6.

      The hottest business plan around.


      By: Gendron, George. Inc.. Mar93, Vol. 15 Issue 3, p9. 1/4p.

      Subjects: ECONOMIC policy; MASSACHUSETTS

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    • 7.

      The ultimate business-plan guide.


      By: Fraser, Jill Andresky. Inc.. Feb93, Vol. 15 Issue 2, p40. 1/6p.

      Subjects: BOOKS; Book Stores; Book, Periodical, and Newspaper Merchant Wholesalers; Book, periodical and newspaper merchant wholesalers; Book stores and news dealers; GROWTH Company Starter Kit (Book)