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Virtual Art and Creativity Festival

Showcasing talent and creative expression from the Berkeley College Community. New exhibits launch annually in honor of National Distance Learning Week.


The biographies of the artists, if accompanied the artwork submitted, are found below in alphabetical order by last name.

Abbott, Nancy

Online Student, Business Administration

Nancy does not consider herself the creative or artistic type. But that could not keep her from capturing the beauty and art of nature outside her workplace one afternoon. She found herself under a canopy of trees, mesmarized by the solid symmetry of the tree trunks, giving way to the wildness of the branches. The yellow leaves indicative of the coming change in weather, time, and life.

Ackerman, Kurt

New York City Faculty, Military Veteran

Kurt Ackerman has been an artist ever since he was old enough to hold a pencil. He studied oil painting, watercolor, drawing, sculpture, airbrush, photography, and advertising art at New Jersey's prestigious Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art, graduating in 1978.

He has exhibited his works with the Art Alliance of Monmouth County, Brookdale Community College, Christian Brothers Academy, the Kurtzman-Elder Gallery in New York, Monmouth County Guild of Creative Art, New Jersey Project Management Institute, and the Monmouth County Libraries. In September, 2011, he had two works - "Forever" and "The Footprints" - accepted as part of the Middletown, NJ 9/11 Memorial Art Exposition at the Middletown Arts Center.

Aliotta, Gabrielle 2019

Woodland Park Student, Marketing Communications

Gabrielle Aliotta is a second year student at Berkeley College. She has always been artistic, writing ever since she was a child. Recently switching from the Interior Design program to the Marketing Communications program because of how powerful her words can be. She wants to one day tell stories of her own life and give people who don't have a voice a platform to share their own story. 

Alves, Cyleni

New York Campus Student, Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Cyleni has always had a great desire to express herself in her drawings. She usually got in trouble for misusing her school notebooks for drawing instead of homework. Cyleni mostly illustrates what she feels, but on occasions she enjoys fashion illustrating as well. For personal friends and family, she has painted murals for their kid's rooms. Most of her drawings are more like sketches made with pencils, gel pens, colored pencils and paper.

Amakihe, Cyril

Woodland Park Student, Practical Nursing

Cyril Amakihe is a 48 year-old Nigerian-American Citizen by naturalization. Educated in Nigeria in Law and English Language and Literature graduating with Bachelors degree. Since then he had developed interest in creative writing. This is his first first novel and he has already started writing a second novel titled RUN, MARTIN, RUN. He is currently a nursing PN student at Berkeley College, Woodland Park campus. 

Balduzzi, Caroline

Clifton Student, Health Services Administration

Caroline Balduzzi was born Caroline Rosivach in 1966. Her biggest influence was her uncle William Rosivach, who was a graphic artist for several well known magazines, including "LOOK" in the 1970s. Caroline attended extra-curricular art classes at schools such as Paint and Palette, Syracuse University, and Everson Museum during her childhood and teen years. She majored in Art in High School, and was accepted into SUNY College at New Paltz's Bachelor of Arts Degree Program in 1984, which she regrettably declined at the last minute. She changed her major to Business and eventually earned an Associates Degree through SUNY Empire State College in 1996 while working full time and raising a toddler as a single parent. Caroline is now a full-time college student at Berkeley College online who works part time and cares for her elderly mother and three "kids" who are aged 13, 17 and 25. She hopes to return to drawing someday when she retires from real life.

Bell, Armenia

NYC Student, Criminal Justice

Armeniahas been painting, sketching, and sculpting since she was a little girl. She always told people that it was a hobby nothing more. However, she has always known in her heart that she was wrong. She loves to paint because it is very freeing. She also has a hard time communicating with others. Art has become her best form of communication/expression for me. When she was in high school her mother tried to get her into an art school but she was too scared. So on the day of the interview she left her portfolio home. Through Art she can be fearless, courageous, unapologetic even. she does it because it makes her happy.

Bennett, Kelly

Reference & Instruction Librarian, Woodbridge

Kelly has always enjoyed art and art history, finally making a trip to the Louvre in 2014. She enjoys painting in acrylics as a hobby.

Binder, Mikhail

Maintenance Supervisor, Buildings and Grounds, NYC 

Mikhail experience with a small P&S camera began about 15 years ago for fun and then grew into a serious hobby (his camera also grew in size and weight…)

He has a passion for photography and masters the skill through extensive and creative practice.

Bishop, Rashida

Brooklyn Student, Fashion Marketing & Management

Rashida Bishop is a Creative Director originally trained at Pratt Institute for painting and drawing, inspired by still life, photography, runway fashion and hip-hop. Her work previously on display, "The Northerners Exhibition," UK based portrait project, is a collection of portraits from a cross section of Northern Celebrities. Including sports personalities, actors, politicians and famous actor Patrick Stewart.

Callaway, Jonathan

NYC Student, International Business

From the back of a military helicopter, Jonathan saw most of the world for the first time from a point of view that no one else ever does. A birds eye view and vantage points that some dream of gave him the ability to capture pictures that over come his lack of any formal artistic training. Much of his drawn work is completed on tool boxes or sheet metal on or around aircraft. "Battle Art" or aircraft graffiti was one of the first forms of art Jonathan every attempted.

Churchman, Edith, 2019

Faculty, Woodbridge Campus

Edith Churchman is an adjunct professor at Berkeley College where she teaches English courses. She has been a quilter and fabric artist for many years.

Centeno, Chelsea 2019

WPK Student, Fashion merchandising and management

My name is Chelsea Centeno and I am a student at Berkeley College. Throughout high school, I really came into my own when it came to photography. I never had a professional camera so all the photos were taken on my phone. Photography is my passion and has always helped me express who I was; I honestly don't know what drew me to photography in the first place. I just love photography; The world has so much offer and is so beautiful at times that I need to capture it.

Classen, Giovanni

Online Student, Financial Services

Giovanni Classen aka Gavinci is an independent Hip-Hop artist based out of New York, NY. Although he is an independent artist, he works with a group known as Paul Santisi's Music Mastermind whose motto is " A Collective Collaboration in Musical Consciousness". He has been writing songs for 12 years this November and was previously signed to So Phenomenal Entertainment, LLC. He uses his music as a motivational and inspirational tool in order to raise awareness and elevate the consciousness of his listeners. His goal is to have a positive impact on the lives of his listener's as well as the rest of the world.

Cocco, Elizabeth

NYC Student, Business Management

Born in Manhattan, New York, Elizabeth Cocco is a highly talented vocalist whom has idly performed in many ensembles, off Broadway shows, the Beacon Theatre, gospel concerts, and more. She comes from a long lineage of believers. She has been away from public scenes up to now sorting matters of career change. It would be nice to once again hear perform again.

Comegys, Carol

NYC Student, Business Management

I have been into the creating world since I was a young girl. I started sewing my own clothes at the age of 7 years of age. I attended High School of Fashion Industries and it all started from there. My apartments always had something going on. I have built wooden structures, painted and created for a very long time. I have done many craft shows and flea markets in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Ohio and Pennsylvania. I love creating it is always a peace of mind for me. I am attending back to classes to get my Bachelors Degree in Business Management to become my own boss.

Corona, Brian

Newark Student, Business Management

Born in NY and grow up in Santiago, DR. He started doing graphic designs early 2011,mainly as a way of admiration to the art and to the games and movies that he enjoyed. Self-taught, learned by practice and putting hours into making his design. Would delete everything and start again if he does not like until he is satisfied with what he has done. Since then been on and off, usually as a hobby but something takes commissions when he is asked.

Crossley, Alanna

NYC Student, Associate of Applied Science

I am just human as everyone else
There is nothing grand or special of me to discuss here
I try and big joy to the paper as well as knowledge and hope
I really am a shy person and stay to myself-it is hard to see that because I am outgoing at times
I wouldn't say I am an artist but I do feel different than most
not the normal because being normal is bland
No I have not had any prior exhibits I tend to stay behind the scenes
I want people to just feel pure and feel warm all over
not to knock their socks off or to make them cry
But just to feel one with what is so little left good in the world.

DaCruz, Christopher

Financial Aid Administrator, NYC

Ever since Middle school Christopher has been inspired by all works of art; theater, music, drawings, paintings, Spoken Word, Sculptures etc. He was always a very outgoing fun spirited person which brought him attention from the theater teachers. Upon appearing in 3 middle school plays. He was recommended by his teachers to attend a performing arts high school to take up theater arts. While attending this school he became much involved in acting, TV and film production, set and lighting design , and music. Through out the years he met many people from all walks of life that shared a love for art like he did. To try and place a finger and what kind of artist he is would be to confine his artistry. Color has been something that always brought light to his world which is why this display in his office resonates with his soul.

Davidson, Andre 2019

NYC Student, Criminal Justice 

Andre taught himself how to produce music tracks specifically hip hop and rap in 2016. As he is still learning, he thought this specific track would not be justified if he had let someone else express themselves. So he took on the challenge.

Dinse, Suzanne

Administrative Asst. to COO, Woodland Park

Student, Graphic Design

Suzanne is currently studying at Berkeley College for a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design. She also designs and paints murals for homes and businesses as well as personalized mailboxes, birdhouses, signs etc. She enjoys working with pencil, paint, ink and clay.

DuBois, Michael

NYC Student, Fashion Marketing and Management

Michael DuBois, a US Navy Veteran, is a student at Berkeley College son of Kathleen DuBois, Trinidad. Raised in Brooklyn, DuBois was introduced to the carnival celebrations and customs of Jamaica and Trinidad. With her love of soca and reggae music DuBois's grandmother kept all of her grandchildren occupied in all events surrounding the festivals of the two West Indian islands. At the age of 8, Michael designed his first carnival costume made of sequins, construction paper, and glitter. What started as a habit turned into a career. Today DuBois owns a costume design company traveling all around the world to different carnival celebrations.

DuBrowa, Melissa

Faculty, Woodbridge/Online Campus

This painting is a result of my “right brain” need to create. I enroll in a watercolor class year-round to keep my sanity and to feed my need for creativity.

Eglow, Todd

Online Faculty, Math & Sciences

Dr. Todd D. Eglow has been involved in photography since the mid-1970’s. Starting with analog cameras and film, today, shooting exclusively in Digital Formats. Formal Education was completed at the Germain School of Photography.

Ejjennane, Fatimaezzahra

Online Student, Bachelor of Business Administration / Communication and Marketing

Ejjennane Fatimaezzahra is a 22 years old Moroccan student. She paints for pleasure, to escape from reality, to express her feelings and try to understand her complicated deep thoughts. Sometimes her paintings seems like children's painting, cause deep inside of her she's still a child. Sometimes you can see a very dark canvas, very desperate, and sometimes it's the total opposite: very bright, very happy, very optimistic. But that's just because she's too sensitive. So she puts all that sensitivity into her art. Don't take it seriously :)

Elliott, Michael

Woodbridge Student, Business Management and Administration

Michael Elliott is a sneaker designer/maker who is studying Business Management and Administration at Berkeley located in Middlesex county. He specializes in the reconstruction of shoes with premium materials and is hoping to be able to become the next top designer in the footwear industry. 

Esannason, Shantae 2019

Online Campus Student, Business Management and Administration

Shantáe S. Esannason  was born and raised in New Jersey. She is an independent music producer/songwriter/recording artist (PIEKIT Records), self-published author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and revolutionary philanthropist. Shantáe began modeling in the fashion industry at the age 15. She has also had a collection of Keds and Pro Keds of which she designed and served as a Keds Insider. She is a Brand Ambassador for Marc Jacobs Beauty, as well as, an Amazon Influencer. Most recently, she has launched her own brand of footwear known as Velvet Brand and an all natural skincare line called Velvet Beauty.

Espinoza, Melissa

Woodland Park Student, Criminal Justice

Melissa has always tried to use her paintings as any forms of expressions, especially for where she may wish her mood to be or seize to be. She has never taken any paint classes. Sh could just be going about her day and if an idea hits her, she'll rush to get it on a canvas.

Frabasile, Justin 2019

Woodland Park Student, Graphic Design

"On a cold February morning in the hamlet of Nyack, another artist was bestowed upon the world in the millennial age of Aquarius. His name was Frabby and he was destined to help you on your next creative project. A writer and guitar player, his skill set resides in the visual arts. Actively working on over 50 productions since beginning his career, Frabby is always ready to bring his talents onto the next creative endeavor."

Federico, Robert

Woodland Park, Adjunct Faculty

Robert Federico has a B. Arch degree from Pratt Institute and has over 25 years experience in the field. As a creative person, Robert has explored all types of mediums to explore it potential to add meanings to life.

Ferreira, Frederik 2019

Woodland Park Student, Graphic Design

Frederik has never have visited any exhibits of any kind. His inspiration usually comes from art that is seen online that are made by artists from L.A. or anyone who feels free to upload their work on social media. 

Figueroa, Aiyana

Woodland Park Student, Graphic Design

Aiyana Briel, Painter and Graphic Designer, focuses on the significances of liberating ourselves from the illusions of life and promoting unconditional love in all aspects. Influenced by surrealism, realism, and pop art; Aiyana creates abstractions containing nature, space, and all other works of life to positively influence and impact our reactions and perceptions.

Florian, Virginia 2019

Woodland Park Student, Fashion Management

Virginia Florian is a self-taught Dominican Fashion designer and the founder of the Virginia Florian New York fashion house. She is inspired by great designers such as Coco Chanel, Oscar de la Renta and Cristobal Balenciaga. She has a dream to become one of the most famous Dominican designers in New York City.


Franco, Cesar

Woodland Park Student, Medical Billing & Coding

Cesar is a 21 year old student, he likes to take pictures, skateboard and play soccer also he is a producer and Dj on the side. This is his first exhibition he has entered in and hopes people will notice his work and like what he does.

Frederick, Diane

Woodland Park Student, Surgical Tech

Since she was little, Diane used to spend hours watching my aunt doing this. One day, in group meeting, the teacher shows them how to do it. It was in elementary school. This day was one of the best of her life. Once she got home, he made my own wooden frame with nails and after few months she started making wool tablecloth from different colors, sizes and styles.

Garzon, Jose A.

Online Student, Business Administration, Accounting

Short film making and fingerboarding are a few of Jose's pastime hobbies. After creating a few short films in high school he found enjoyment in shooting and editing videos and now combines that with other hobbies such as this fingerboarding edit.

Gary, Damian A. 2019

Woodland Park Student, Graphic Design 

Damian Gary is an aspiring artist with a lifelong love of cartoons and animation. He has an Associate's Degree in Fine Arts from Bergen Community College but has been drawing his whole life. He is currently a Graphic Design major at Berkeley College and eventually wants to become a professional illustrator. Damian loves drawing crazy characters and creatures from the depths of his imagination.

Gomez, Linda

Online Student, Fashion Merchandising and Management

Linda Gomez is a  studying Fashion student and aspires to become a Fashion Buyer. She  would like to become a published author as well. She has been writing poetry, stories, and written pieces since she was 8 years old. Her inspiration comes from her life and other people's life as well. Her purpose for my writing to help people become a better version of themselves.

Gonzalez, Nichole 2019

Woodland Park Student, Graphic Design

Nichole is a Digital and Traditional Artist, inspired by mixes of themes, original character works, fan works of movies, tv shows and more. 

Greenidge, Roger

NYC Student, Criminal Justice

From a very young age, Roger Greenidge has always had a passion for comic books and super heroes. He could always be found sitting in the corner either reading an issue of the X-Men or drawing quietly. To this day he hasn't changed one bit. Except now he's at his drawing table and computer.

Harris, Fatima

Online Student, Computer and Information Systems

Fatima's first poem was written while in high school in 1992. She noticed she would write them easily during english class and her teacher would take notice of them. Soon, she wrote them to answer school work for her class. The teacher bought her a small book to keep all of her thoughts in. That was her first keepsake with her poems. She writes when she is happy, when she is sad, and when she is encouraging herself and others. Writing helps her release her thoughts to a source that will not dispute or disagree. That makes her feel a lot better. Some of the poems she writes are also songs.

Iris, Michael

Associate V.P., Career Services and Alumni Relations

Michael Iris is the Associate Vice President of Alumni Relations and Online Career Services at Berkeley College. To relax he enjoys gardening, photography, and road trips.

J, Maja

NYC Student, Fashion Merchandising

She goes by Maja Martini and is a self-taught illustrator with everyday life and music as her biggest inspirations. She has a degree in Graphic Design and is currently studying for her BBA at Berkeley College in NYC. See all of her art on Instagram: @martinidesigns

Jackson, Chassity 2019

Online Student, Fashion Merchandising & Management

Air Force Veteran

Chassity Jackson is a combat Air Force Veteran, fashion designer, wardrobe stylist, and New York Fashion Week participant. Chassity is the creator of Battle Beauties Fashion, Wingmen Official, and President of Emerald Coast Fashion. She currently resides in Destin, Florida. Chassity uses her fashion artistry as a vehicle to provide aid to homeless Veteran in her community.

Jones, Kailin

Woodland Park Student, Graphic Design

Kailin went to a technical high school and studied graphic design for four years there before coming to Berkeley college to major in it. For digital media, she uses Adobe products, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. She also dabbles in photography.

Khan, Mohamed

NYC Student, Marketing Communications

Hello, my name is Mo and I am from NYC. I I am a Marketing Communications undergraduate student with a passion for excellence. I am also a freelance photographer, Perspective and detail are one of the main reasons why I enjoy traveling and taking pictures. If its something important to note is about the memories that will be remembered when viewing a picture you took a few years back. Always remember "People fade but the memory wont."

Kiebler, Jessica

Director, White Plains Library

Jessica loves photography, travel and food. So don't be surprised if you catch in her in another place Instagramming her meal.

Klomhaus, Heather

Faculty, White Plains

Dr. Heather Klomhaus teaches in the English Department at Berkeley College. Her area of focus is French and English language literatures and visual art.

Kunene, Phumelele

Brooklyn Student, Fashion

Phumelele Kunene, or Phumie for short, was born in South Africa and grew up in Swaziland. She is continually inspired by the vibrancy of her roots, and this inspiration is reflected in her clothing designs. Beginning at her mother’s sewing machine at a very young age, Phumie has since moved to New York and set up her clothing line “BlackPhumelele”, continuing to draw upon her heritage with a unique and distinctive style. Phumie debuted of Spring/Summer 2016 collection at New York Fashion Week.

Lafazan, Bonnie

Director, Woodbridge Campus Library

Bonnie Lafazan enjoys snapping photographs and later using her creativity to edit the photos and create videos. Bonnie loves exploring free and/or web based technology tools for editing photos and videos. In 1989, Bonnie was cutting-edge in producing the first-ever video yearbook for her high school.

Lawrence, Sakina

Online Student, Legal Studies

Sakina Lawrence is an inspirational photographer. She has a keen eye for earth tone colors. Her style is more freelance with natural backgrounds. You will explore the snowy days of winter in New Jersey. The long hot summer in the Atlantic Shores of the East Coast. She her inspiration from traveling with friend and family. She has previously done professional photos for some serious clients for their weddings, graduations, and prom ceremonies. Sakina enjoys taking pictures at all angles to get that perfect look.

Lee, Nicholas

New York City Student, IT Management

Nick is a traditional illustrator seeking and striving for a career within animation. He had gained an award from the MET for exceptional skill right here in Manhattan. This is his first exhibition and he hopes it wont be his last. His preferred drawing medium is both Traditional and Digital.

LiBritz, Megan

New York City Student, Fashion Merchandising and Management
Megan LiBritz is an exploratory artist who loves to color and create whatever the world inspires upon her.


Lopez, Alexandra

Student, Design Management, WPK Campus


She always uses poetry to express her deeper feelings, 

on the paper she can draw all the colors around her,

and when she sees all the work taking shape on the paper, 

she feels free.

Lopez, Carlos

Woodland Park Student, Fashion Merchandising and Management

I'm very passionate about fashion and style is just something that I use to express myself. Style is very important in the Fashion Industry. Whatever you wear as style can show expression of what the person's mood is. It can also be a way to express who you are or if someone in the fashion industry influences you to dress the way you do. Fashion is used on a daily in mostly everything. 

Lloyd, Emani 2019

NYC Student, Business Management 

I’m from Harlem add me Instagram @ScubaGod 

Maddalena, Mark

Web Designer, Berkeley College

Mark is a graphic designer and who has always been drawn to the "virtual reality" of creating on the computer. He was trained as a designer just before desktop computers started infiltrating the field, and he loves being able to create without having to clean up afterwards (as in "real" paining, etc.)

Maglio, Diane

NYC Faculty, Fashion

Diane Maglio is a fashion professor in the LLL School of Business with a passion for textiles. With a background in Fashion Design from FIT and a master’s degree in Fashion Theory, Museum Studies also from FIT, she has followed the creative use of textiles in historic and modern apparel. Her most recent academic research is the wearable art of the Italian menswear company, Etro. Her commercial career in product development often included original patchwork patterns created for the menswear market. The art of dye and discharge printing motivated this collage inspired by the autumn colors of Sussex County, NJ.

Maricic, Katie

Librarian, Woodbridge Campus

Katie Maricic took Advanced Placement Art at Manasquan High School and minored in Fine Arts at The College of New Jersey. She is inspired by the beach, nature, and anything happy. She enjoys working with pencil, pastels, acrylics and oil paints. Her work has been exhibited in Eight at Main Street Gallery in Manasquan, NJ, and her drawing The Stradun, Dubrovnik, Croatia won second place at the M.H.S. Art Show. At the early ages of 8 and 9 her advanced coloring techniques won her two trips to Broadway for her and her family via Wendy’s Color Your Way to Broadway contest.

Mas, Vincent 2019

Associate, Disability Services, WST Campus

Vincent is a digital remix artist who takes classic songs from the 1970s and 80s and updates them with more modern sounds and rhythms. His sound is influenced by the NYC Club scene, Fire Island chill music, as well as from artists such as Sade, Frankie Knuckles, Jr. Vasquez and Classic Rock. He uses iPhone apps exclusively for remixes and hope to show a younger audience new ways to hear the past.

Mickles, Juanice

Student, Marketing Communications, NYC Campus

Juanice Mickles is native New Yorker and Berkeley College Marketing Communications student. Her recent work includes the project Morningside Lights alongside the Columbia University Arts Initiative. Inspired by the architecture and scale of historical structures, she’s particularly drawn to capturing the mysticism of the Morningside Heights area in upper Manhattan. Her photographs were taken mostly at dusk (when natural light best complements silhouettes) and inside the neighborhood’s magnificent cathedrals. Inspired by the writings of author Anne Rice, she finds beauty and romanticism through Gothic images.

Monterroso, Elisa

Woodland Park Student, LPN

Elisa Monterroso is a mother ,wife, and medical assistant in pursuit of her LPN certificate. Elisa loves people, animals, nature and cultures. She finds the beauty in everything. Elisa believes true art is a spontaneous unique moment that is captured at the right time. Her technique is to spontaneously capture those moments that at times can only be captured once.

Morales, Antoinette

Faculty, Woodland Park 

Antoinette is a professor who deeply enjoys capturing photos of nature and simple moments, often missed, and who has a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature and capturing simplicity by photo. She loves recognizing the natural beauty of each season.

Morales, Jorge

NYC Student, Marketing

Jorge was born in the Bronx, raised in Miami. Then he joined the military and recently got out. Now he would like to become a photographer. He was strongly influenced by his boss Romero Britto, who is a famous artist from Brazil. 

Myrtil, Christine

Newark Student, Fashion Merchandising and Management

Christine is a Fashion Designer. In her spare time, she sketches, designs, and makes a fashion piece. She loves modeling and ripping the runway in heels. Fashion is her art.

Nagarajan, Sunder

Woodland Park Associate, Director Systems Data Analytics

There is an artistic vein somewhere in the family. Sunder dabbled in painting and photography and has all the idiosyncrasies of an artist. His 10 feet mural of Uriah Heep's cover of Fallen Angels is his pride. His passion for photography has taken him to National Parks across the country.

Naranjo, Karla V.

Woodland Park Student, Criminal Justice

Let's start this autobiography by saying I have a very complex background/past. But who doesn't? See, I wrote autobiography because I really dislike talking in third person. "Karla is Ecuadorian. Karla was born in Ecuador so Spanish is her first language. Ah, but she knows quite a few; Italian from high school and various others from learning on her own". See? Besides, I want to be able to connect with you all, and how will I do that if I don't "speak" to my audience directly? Moving on, I love art, beauty, and all types of media. If you look me up on the myriad of social apps I use. you'll see who I am basically. A singer, a poet, the world is mine to describe. I get mesmerized by the beauty I see, and it seems as if I have no one to share it with. Ah, but alas, I do now. I normally don't open up to people, for I'm blessed with the curse of being born a Virgo. But I wish to open up just a little bit more now, and thus, I leave you all with this poem.

As a side note, I really do love my social media. I use FaceBook and its Messenger app, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Virtual Space mostly; although I do have various other apps. So if any of you want to see more poems, or simply know what I'm all about, you're all more than welcome to look me up on Instagram as The1theonlyk.

Newberry, Derek

Dover Student, Fashion Merchandising Management

Derek is in his second year at Berkeley College, studying Fashion Merchandising Management. He is also a Federal Work Study, and the ambassador of the Student Government Association at the Dover Campus. He is also a member of the brand new Fashion Club. He has been into photography for years, once saying, "I wish that my camera could see what my eyes see."

Orenberg-Ruggieri, Sherri

Woodbridge Campus, Adjunct Faculty, School of Liberal Arts

J.D. from Seton Hall University School of Law; M.A. from Drew University; B.A. from Franklin & Marshall College; Chair of Edison Township's Planning Board; Berkeley College Adjunct since September 2009

Nature fascinates me with its simple complexity.  In my art work, I try to capture the energy and spirit of my subject.  Teaching at Berkeley College continues to be a creative endeavor.  Courses in Law & Society conducted along with the Art of Creativity reveal the duality of my perspective.  As an attorney and Edison Township Planning Board Chairperson, I always seek creative solutions.  My watercolors have been selected for the New Jersey Lawyers for the Arts exhibits and Edison Arts Society’s shows “Gardens of the Garden State” and municipal gallery.  Much of my work is dedicated to the memory of my mother who inspired my creativity and supported the creative process.

Palicia, Deborah

Woodland Park, Assocaite, Registrar 

Deborah Palicia is a native New Jersian.  Her grandmother, migrated from the Ukraine in the early 1900’s and brought with her the art of cross stitch and embroidery.  She taught Deborah when she was four years old and the rest is history.  Sewing and needlework have been a major part of her life.  She loves to travel and always purchases fabric as a souvenir so that she can create something to remind her of the experience. Her travels have been a huge inspiration for her work and she is always looking forward to her next adventure and creation.

Pavicevic, Ana

NYC Student, Marketing

Ana is a self taught artist and is currently taking her BA in Marketing, based in New York City. Born in 1990, the Serbian/Jordanian artist spent half of her life in Sweden before moving to the New York. Growing up in an environment surrounded by an artist (her aunt was a professional artist) and an dream to be a designer inspired her to start draw and she eventually picked up the brush. Ana creates conceptual art and is fascinated by the female body which is clearly emphasized, with a vision of women's empowerment and beauty. 

Pearson, Ahmad

Newark Student, Business Management

I love art. I took fine art when I was a sophomore in High School. Art is very passionate. I like to write poetry.

Pettway, Jeffrey

Clifton Student, Criminal Justice/ Minor in Information Technology Management

Jeffery was born on March 26, 1988 in Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from the Brooklyn Academy of Science and The Environment in June 2007. Shortly after graduation he shipped off for Bootcamp in Great Lakes, Illinois where he was chosen as Recruit Chief Petty Officer (RPOC) of Ship Staff. He would then go onto complete Bootcamp and A School in which he was made Class Leader and graduated top of his class. Jeffrey Pettway served on the USS Underwood (FFG-36) from 2008-2013 in which he held many positions of authority and leadership helping to ensure the success of Underwood’s mission. While on board he volunteered to work at Kilick Joint Operations Center in Port-au-Prince Haiti during Operation Unified Response, helping to give First Aid and transport wounded nationals. As an Operations Specialist First Class Petty Officer he currently serves as Naval Support Activity Lakehurst’s Administration Department Leading Petty Officer supervising 8 service sections in support of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst’s mission. He started to write Poetry and Music while in High School and continues through his military career receiving inspiration from his many trials and experiences while in the military. His stage name is PoeticMindset.

Pryor, Skylor

White Plains Student, Marketing Communications

I'm from Florida really love street photography and candid style photography, but I'm trying to improve with portraits. I just launched my website to help build a portfolio.

Ramos, Lorena

Dover Student, Medical Assistant

I am a medical assistant student in the school of health. My hobby is to put visions on canvas as it helps me a place of peace , comfort , thought and tranquility. Both my aspiration to be a medical assistant and painting are ONE, meaning to help heal.

Raymond, Khali

Newark Student

Khali Raymond is an exceptional individual who has published over thirty-five novels at the age of eighteen. Not only is he an author, he's a poet, a rapper, and an artist. He hails from Newark, NJ and looks forward to sharing his thoughts and his work with the world.

Rebong, Lucs

NYC Student, B.B.A Marketing Communication

I am Lucs Rebong and I love taking photos randomly whenever I am outside because photgraphy is my comfort zone. and in the near future when I am done with school I wanna take photography classes and video stuff so i can do advertisments and many more.

Reinoso, Laylanie

New York City Student, Criminal Justice

Laylanie Reinoso is an amateur painter learning on her own and with the help of online videos. She gets inspiration from nearly anywhere like, scenery, people, animals, books, movies, etc. Her media of choice is acrylic, a canvas and various paint brushes. This is her first time exhibiting any art she has made.

Rivera, Yamilex

Woodbridge Student, Business management

Hello my name is Yamilex Rivera and I love to draw. I grew up in an artistic household. My dad is a tattoo artist and my mom is a makeup artist and I am a superstar. I love to watch classic movies and drawing is a way for me to express myself. 

Rodriguez, Carmelo

Online Student, MBA

Military Veteran

I have a video production company that creates mostly commercials for low income veteran companies to bring each company to a whole new level in sales or views. I started this company because of a tragic occurrence in my life and since then I have take off..I have created a web series and clothing line and I am in the process of finishing a book about how I overcame death as we know it.

Rodriguez, Stephanie

Woodland Park Student, Interior Design

Growing up painting was always an outlet. Creating something out of nothing was simply amazing. People tend to not use there creative tendencies.

Rothbard, Howard

Project Manager, Information Systems

My background in mechanical engineering and a competent woodworker has lead to this fusion of media and the sciences.  This is one of many pieces of art and furniture that I have made over the past few years.  This is the most eclectic expression as the other items have a more practical use.

Saccheri, Briana

Dover Student, Fashion Merchandising

I had an epiphany one day, a couple of years ago, and I saw everything differently. I realized that if I really wanted to do something, I had to do it, nobody else. I completely gained control of my life and redirected my path. I stopped saying no to the opportunities that presented themselves and started taking risks. I’m a lot more spontaneous now than I was. I am becoming the person I’ve always envisioned myself to be. I tapped in to my creative side and I started teaching myself piano because I was always so fascinated by the instrument. I also started painting last year. I had this feeling, an itch so to say, to paint. I’d never had it, but I went with my gut and bought a canvas. From then on, I fell in love. I can express myself through art. It’s liberating. I find joy in learning and growing after each painting. Once I complete my work, (almost never in my eyes) I give them away to whomever had inspired the idea. I never realized I had this artistic side to me because I never applied myself before. I mean, I always loved fashion and have a keen eye for style, colors and patterns, but I felt this was different and it is. Along with painting, I started making more time for meditating and writing. Having that time to myself really helped slow down my crazy life and just be happy. In doing so, I’ve been able I’ve really be able to let my creativity loose.

Santana, Janeiry

Woodbridge Student, Marketing

Janeiry is a former key holder for Kiko Milano. Once she started doing makeup she knew she had to be the best she can be. She began her own instagram to market her editing skills as well as her makeovers. She was only 17 years old and she knew what she wanted.

Sarafian, Daniel

Woodbridge Student, Fashion Merchandising and Management

I have acquired all my skills from what I was taught in my high school construction class and have been learning new techniques from fashion construction websites. With the help of my mentor, I have been able to continue to further enhance my construction skills.

Schol, Alexandra

Online Student, Fashion Merchandising

Alexandra has been drawing and painting since she can remember; it was only recently that she decided to try and combine her love of traditional art and fashion to create customized and wearable works of art, in hopes that it will help people tell their own story. Her brand goes by the name A.K.S., and she hopes to establish and grow this in the near future.

Alexandra's work contains elements from Spanish artists like Diego Velazquez and Salvador Dali, while honing inspiration from the fairytale-like Czech artist, Alfonse Mucha. Through traveling, seeing different cultures and lifestyles, and through experiencing different happenings her own life, she is able to gain the inspiration and motivation to create works with stories behind each one.

Sengupta, Shikhar

Woodland Park Student

Shikhar Sengupta is a Graphic Designer who found a hidden love for photography. Stopped only by his own procrastination, when he sees a setting he likes, he will do everything in his power to create a perfect image to the best of his abilities. For his inspiration, Sebastio Salgado and their work "Genesis" was a big impact on Shikhar's photographic view.

Silva, Gema

WPK Campus Student

Gema Silva owns en planning company that specializes in design. "Our passion is telling stories through creating unique details & special moments for every event."

Small, Sabrina 2019

NYC Student, Information Technology

Sabrina Smalls has been an artist since she has been a baby drawing on furniture all the way until now as she turned 22. Drawing had always been a small passion of hers. She has always been a geek for anime and video games, drawing helps her express that a bit more. No matter what she does, her passion for art will never go away. She draws both traditionally and digitally, both have something to like about them and she likes to experiment sometimes.

Stafford, Yahee

Online Student, Criminal Justice

Yahee loves taking pictures but  she is "not a pro." She hopes to take a photography class one day. Until then she will keep snapping memories.

Stern, Atara Devorah 2019

PAR Student, Fashion Merchandising

Atara is a very talented, creative, intense person with a rather remarkable and intense personality.

Szczepaniec, Alan 2019

WPK Student, Graphic Design

Alan Szczepaniec is a first-year student majoring in Graphic Design. He enjoys drawing, digital art, and skateboarding. His first time understanding the principles of graphic design, was attending a class Rockland BOCES with the help of his instructor Patrick Mitrione. He has attended a New York state and Area 4 competition for Logo & Advertising Design, winning silver in the SkillsUSA Area 4 competition.

Thomas, Tia Serena-Rose 2019

WPK Student, Graphic Design

Tia Serena-Rose Thomas was born in Newark, New Jersey on March 18, 2000. Throughout her life, Tia has always been fascinated by animation and all types of art ranging from paintings to stop-motion to anime and to photography. She especially loved cartoons and the art of filmmaking: Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away, Disney’s Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, and Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining being her all time favorite movies. It always amazed her how creative ideas could be brought to life and put into motion. Naturally, she wanted to someday be film director like the people she honored most. She's always drawing in her spare time, trying to get better and better and enhance her art-style. She is still getting used to digital art which is a bit trickier than the traditional art she's grown accustomed to. In the end, she still prefers just a paper and a pen!

Thompson, Jarred

WPK Campus Student, Criminal Justice 

My name is Jarred Thompson, I am a 4th year Berkeley College senior who will graduate this May. I love cooking, reading, writing, music, sports and to be inspired by those who also enjoy extra curricular activities such as the ones I have described. I am a Berkeley College Honor Student, member of the Justice Society, The National Society of Leadership and Success, and has been on the Dean and President Honors lists. I love my school, what they do for the community and how they have helped to guide my path and ambitions. I hope that you like my music. I wrote and recorded this song about the relationship I have with my mother, and about the strength and honor it would contain.

Tormis, Blizelle Marie

NYC Student, Health Service Administration

Blizelle is a 20 year old photo and video hobbyist originally from the Philippines. Her passion for photography began in 2010. Taking photos of still images from her first iPhone and exploring the "Photo Editing" applications from the App store was the first step of her discovery for the love of photography and beyond. She finds inspiration everywhere. Experimenting new forms of art ideas is something she enjoys doing. She mainly uses her iPhone apps to do creative artworks. Sites like Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter is where she mostly gets her photography inspirations and form them into a new ideas. She does not have a specific subject matter in photography, she just shoots whatever captures her heart and whatever makes her feel happy. Giving inspiration and capturing the heart of her viewers is her number one purpose.

Tracy, Sean

NYC Student, Bachelor of Business Administration - Management

Sean is a New Yorker by birth who seeks to capture the city through his own point of view. He started photography when he received his first camera following graduating from high school. In the past two years, he has sought to create his own unique brand of photography -- shooting both New York monuments, and the buildings and places which often get overlooked.

Tremblay, Anjelika

Online Student, Fashion Merchandising and Management

Military Veteran

Anjelika Tremblay has always been a lover of art, but not always a great executor of art. She holds no artistic training other than sculpture and drawing classes in high school. This poem presented is her first poem ever written.

Turnbull, Nicole

OnlineStudent Development and Campus Life

Nicole Turnbull has been at Berkeley College since 2010 and has worked at NYC Midtown, Woodland Park, Paramus, and now the Online location. Nicole has a BA in English Literature in Secondary Education and English Literature and an MA in Applied Psychology. Nicole loves weddings, Pinterest, and crafting with a passion.

Vizzi, Briana

White Plains Student, Business Administration 

Briana thoroughly enjoys photography. Autumn just so happens to be her favorite season and its beauty never ceases to amaze her. She hopes to pursue a side job in photography, as it is one of her favorite seasons. A favorite quote of hers by Terry Richardson goes "Everyday we feel different; sometimes were happy, sometimes were sad. But to photograph someone as they are is my favorite."

Wade, Adrian

NYC Student, Criminal Justice

Adrian Ashburton Wade is a student from the Caribbean who is burdened with the desire to help young people find themselves in this difficult world we live in. He admits to many failures as a young man that caused him to drop out of school to became a Rastafarian. Wade believes that with help from those who care many juveniles can be reformed and have a better life,and become productive members of the American society.

Walter, Hugo 2019

Faculty, English, Online Campus

Hugo Walter is a Professor of English and Humanities for Berkeley College Online. Dr. Walter has published his poems in several volumes and in numerous anthologies. His poems describe lovely aspects of the natural environment and envision beautiful places.  

Webster, Natoya

White Plains Student, Criminal Justice

Natoya's artistic ability started when she was just a young girl. Always like drawing then she moved up to painting, tye -dyeing, and writing poetry is a part of her artistic ability too. In her younger years she had Art at home through the Art College. It was a program where certain types of Artwork was sent to your home and you had to complete the assignment by a certain day and mail it back in. During that time she learned how to draw, shade and color many different pictures. She thank her Aunt that raised her for believing in her as an Artist. When Natoya looks at a picture she can draw it bigger than the actual size. Drawing cartoon characters is one of her favorite things to draw. She also enjoy drawing people, flowers, and vases with flowers in them. When she was in High School she was featured on channel 7 Eyewitness News for drawing a Recycling poster. She really has grown to appreciate her skills that she have acquired over the years.

Williams, Ahmani 2019

Online Student, Fashion Merchandising & Management 

Ahmani used her interest in fashion as a bridge to the world of art as she believes one can’t exist without the other. She picked up her first real paint brush at the age of 22 for a course was taking in school and has not put it down since.

Williamson, Nichole

Online Student, Fashion Merchandising & Management 

Nichole Williamson is a wardrobe stylist and creative consultant with 7+ years of industry experience. From runway shows, editorials, commercials, and designer lookbooks, Nichole has served both as a stylist and creative director. Her interests lie in multiple aspects of fashion and lifestyle including brand building, blogging, and most recently trend forecasting. A self-proclaimed serial learner, Nichole has expanded upon her craft with fashion styling courses at F.I.T, Anita Patrickson's International Style Institute, and the School of Style. Although she has an appreciation for heritage brands, her passion lies unequivocally in working with emerging brands and the next wave of creative innovators. 

Wilson, Lloyd 2019

NYC Campus Student, Criminal Justice

Lloyd is a self taught 30-year-old artist from the Bronx. He was born in America but raised in Jamaica. In his free time he likes to do graffiti and write poetry. He is the oldest of 8 kids. His mother sadly passed away 3 years ago. He started a business in her memory called Sandy’s Place where he collects unwanted clothes and brings them to homeless shelters. In the future he hopes to open a soup kitchen with his siblings where they can feed the homeless population. He will be graduating in 2020 with the Associates degree. He wants to continue his education to obtain his Bachelor's degree.

Young, Samaya

Newark Student, Business Management

Samaya L. Young is majoring in Business Management. She began her self taught artistic journey sketching clothing as a child with dreams of being a fashion designer. Growing up she realized her gift and began honing her talents. She is greatly inspired by nature and life experiences.She specializes in grid drawings, still life, portraits, and many more(mainly black and white). Her most used drawing tools are charcoal and graphite pencils.

Zamor, Michael

Woodland Park Student, Graphic Design

Michael has been a student at Berkeley since 2016 and has been using the Adobe projects since 2013. He does work in both traditional and digital formats, but prefers digital. His hobbies includes performing magic tricks, playing the bass guitar, and watching horror movies. He wants to visit Japan one day because of how interesting and weird the country is; two things he also uses to describe himself. His current goal is to become a character designer working in fields of game and television.

Zorrilla, Rosanny

Dover Student, Medical Assistant

Rosanny Zorrilla, 22 years old, currently going to Berkeley for Medical Assistant program and working full time at Shoprite in Hackettstown as a cake decorator. She never went to school to learn how to decorate. She learned everything through her first job as a cake decorator at Sam's Club.