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Virtual Art and Creativity Festival

Showcasing talent and creative expression from the Berkeley College Community. New exhibits launch annually in honor of National Distance Learning Week.


Steve Figueiredo
Woodland Park, Director, Student Accounts

At the beginning of summer 2017 my wife broke her foot and had to have surgery. Being a teacher, she was looking forward to long summer days at the pool and now she couldn't walk, drive or swim and was in a tremendous amount of pain. I wrote this song about our experience that summer and how she was able to "overcome" it all. The video contains photos and video of that summer. I play acoustic guitar and piano on the track and my good friend Dave lent a hand and plays electric guitar.


Jose A Garzon

Online Student, Business Administration, Accounting

Video edit of fingerboarding, also called fingerskateboarding.

"Goodbye to L.B.I."

Steve Figueiredo

Student Accounts, Woodland Park

Shot on location in Beach Haven, New Jersey. This song was written to try and capture my childhood memories of my summer vacations in Beach Haven down in Long Beach Island (L.B.I.) New Jersey. The video includes pictures of all my old favorites hangouts. I went on vacation down there from ages 7-17 with my family and it was always so hard to leave which inspired this song. 

"NYC in Photos"

Bonnie Lafazan

Director, Woodbridge Campus Library

Photos taken on iPhone during visits to NYC in the Summer and Fall of 2015. Some edited in iPhone photo app or in "Be Funky" iPhone app, and then uploaded to "iMovie" iPhone app and finally uploaded to YouTube.

"Por Ti Sera" (English Translation - "Because For You")

Elizabeth Cocco

NYC Student, Business Management

It is an inspiration piece written in Spanish for Latin pop culture music. All of us, producers, performers, singers, artists, musicians, share different derivatives of the Latin culture. Some Cuban, some Dominican, some Puerto Rican, some Colombian, some Ecuadorian, and Black-American. So we sought to honor music and our Hispanic diversity as Americans that we already are. And on this note created "Because For You/Por Ti Sera" which is basically a selfless act to make you happy, thinking that as the leaves fall so will I leap faith into your arms of love and we can both ascend together where ever the winds take us when it rains.

"As I Return"

Jeffrey Pettway

Clifton Student, Criminal Justice/ Minor in Information Technology Management

The song was made while deployed overseas. The video was made a few months ago utilizing pictures I've had taken over my time in service.

The song was written to show some of the issues we Military Members might experience while deployed or stationed overseas. The song speaks about the worry of loosing bonds with family, significant others, and friends while away; that you might be forgotten. But it also shows that we are willing to endure hardship and pain to ensure we make it back home to our loved ones. 

"Bergen Leads 2015"

Maria Deptula

Library Director, Paramus

I created this video clip for my graduation ceremony from Bergen Leads Class 2015 - a leadership program for adults who live or work in Bergen County. The program is sponsored by the Volunteer Center for Bergen County and it ends with a public presentation of a project that the class members work on over the period of the 10 months. During our monthly meetings and site visits, I took pictures of my classmates and later compose a slideshow using Kizoa free slideshow/video maker, which I later uploaded into YouTube.