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Virtual Art and Creativity Festival

Showcasing talent and creative expression from the Berkeley College Community. New exhibits launch annually in honor of National Distance Learning Week.



Liza Biswas
​White Plains Student

"Armenia - All of Me"

Armenia Bell

NYC Student, Criminal Justice

Using a collage app on my phone through google; I made a collage out of paintings, sketches, posters, and moments that express who I am as well as what I have done over time. Some were drawn in pen and painted in. Others were created using oil pastels of different hues. The pieces I will be submitting comes from a place of love. I drew them as a way of expression. I love color and big impressions. I LOVE Self Expression. Music, Painting, an Photography are ways I express myself. Showing who I am in the way that I want people to see me. One of the pieces included in the collage are a butterfly I sketched first, then painted. Butterflies have always been my signal of freedom, openness, courage, strength and life. As you know in life we go through changes. Some bad, some good, But all are for the better. A butterfly is the perfect example of how you can through several different changes and come out more beautiful than ever!

"Financial Aid"

Chrsitopher DaCruz

Financial Aid Administartor, NYC

The years that I have spent in my office have motivated me to try and bring some color and life in to the dull office environment . Downstairs from my office the is a display gallery in which local New York come and display there works. Upon doing so some leave post cards behind with one of their works on the card as well as contact info. As years went by I collected the post cards that the artists left behind. As they piled up in my desk I randomly decided one day to stick a post card on my wall. One post card turned into about 20 and while looking at the new display I was inspired to literally cover my wall with different works of art. At first the pictures all came from the Berkeley artist post cards and as time progressed I was reading a magazine and saw some picture that I liked and decided to cut them out and also stick on my wall. About 3 years later my wall is nearly fully covered with all different kinds of work. The art behind the my display is finding the right pieces (almost like a puzzle) to cover the wall fully. The different colors and accents provide a whole new feel to the office environment. Students come in on a daily basis to admire and take pictures of the wall. The piece is always a great conversation starter and has helped me to network with many other artists of all kinds.