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Virtual Art and Creativity Festival

Showcasing talent and creative expression from the Berkeley College Community. New exhibits launch annually in honor of National Distance Learning Week.

Digital Photography

Winter sunset is seen between leafless trees.

Winter Lights

Antoinette Morales

Faculty, WPK Campus

The vivid, beautiful colors of Morris County. 

New York City - 2

Tae Hyun Jung

Student, NYC Campus


Justine Frabasile  Student, WPK Campus

Autumn foliage

Fall Brilliance

Antoinette Morales

Faculty, WPK Campus

Morningside Park

Juanice Mickles

Student, NYC Campus

New York City's many beautiful structures provide creative inspiration to many of us. Every neighborhood has its own history and story to tell. Capturing the city's uniqueness in the form of photography is a privilege most overlook.

Fall Pictures

Amy Soricelli

V.P. Career Services

such a pretty time of the year....



New York City - 1

Tae Hyun Jung

Student, NYC Campus

New York City - 3

Tae Hyun Jung

Student, NYC Campus

New York City - 4

Tae Hyun Jung

Student, NYC Campus

Self Portrait

Justin Frabasile  Student  WPK Campus

Mixed Signals

Justine Frabasile  Student, WPK Campus


Justine Frabasile  Student, WPK Campus


Chelsea Centeno  Student, WPK Campus

All [my] photos have a sort of natural beauty that drew me to them. I loved what I saw and couldn't help but capture it. 

Christmas in the City

Chelsea Centeno  Student, WPK Campus 

All [my] photos have a sort of natural beauty that drew me to them. I loved what I saw and couldn't help but capture it. 




Coming home

Chelsea Centeno  Student, WPK Campus 

All [my] photos have a sort of natural beauty that drew me to them. I loved what I saw and couldn't help but capture it. 

Golden Chandelier

Chelsea Centeno  Student, WPK Campus 

All [my] photos have a sort of natural beauty that drew me to them. I loved what I saw and couldn't help but capture it. 

Everyday Millennials

Tia Serena-Rose Thomas              Student, WPK Campus

When I first started Berkeley College, it was at first a very lonely experience. It felt like whenever I tried to actively converse with someone or form a bond, their eyes were always glued to their phone and that would always slightly discourage me. It was like I wasn't there and that I didn't matter. So this picture kind of summarizes the frustrations I sometimes feel with others my age.

Drawing, Painting & Digital Design


Justin Frabasile   Student, WPK Campus

Acrylic and sharpies on canvas board


Justin Frabasile   Student, WPK Campus

Oil paster on paper. I love to combine mediums while portraying messages of conversation I have with myself for the whole world to see because you


Watercolor Realism

Frederik Ferreira  Student, WPK Campus

MADD Scientist

Lloyd Wilson       Student, NYC Campus

It was originally pen drawn but because I started placing them on clothing. I scanned the picture and traced it out on photoshop adobe. 

Pleasant Sunset

Alan Szczepaniec     Student, WPK Campus

This design was inspired by a landscape design within the shape of an object, which I noticed while browsing social media.

Dog of the Night

Justin Frabasile   Student, WPK Campus

Oil pastel on paper 

Suburbia 2045

Justin Frabasile   Student, WPK Campus

Acrylic and sharpie on canvas board

Birth of a dog

Justine Frabasile   Student, WPK Campus

24 x 36 print


Nichole Gonzalez    Student, WPK Campus

Fan art of Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire. One of the main characters and love interest Queen/Princess Kidagakash (Kida).


Vertigo the Vivacious Rose

Tia Serena-Rose Thomas                    Student, WPK Campus

I have a good friend named Vanessa who is very talented in gardening and taking care of plant life. I started to find myself sketching and making things like mushrooms, flowers, and other plants into anthropomorphic characters.


Time of Fun & Youth

Tia Serena-Rose Thomas                 Student, WPK Campus

A combination of watercolor, markers, & colored pencils. I always loved the playful esthetics of the 70's and the 80's, and I just so happened to be listening to a song by Donna Summer and decided to draw almost like an exaggerated cartoon version of her.


Obey Me

Sabrina Smalls  Student,  NYC Campus

I created this piece to show a few characters I created and how much details I could put on it. 

Let's Make Magic

Sabrina Smalls Student NYC Campus

I almost never draw fan art but I really liked this couple in a show I watched. 

Art Peak

Sabrina Smalls Student, NYC Campus

This is probably the peak of my art and experience. At this time in high school I was experimenting a lot with my style. I made sure to try to put a lot of details into my work because they always seemed dull and plain to me. Along with a few other drawings, I really like how most of these turned out. I always enjoy making my own original characters.


Preschool Teacher

Ahmani Williams   Student, Online

Acrylic paint on canvas. I’ve always viewed art as a therapeutic escape and another way to explore my imagination. I like to use the world around me to create one of a kind pieces .

Amazing Acrylic

Atara Devorah Stern    Student, PAR Campus

I love color, vibrancy, and intensity of bright eye captivating colors. I like to make the viewer/ audience think about pushing their imagination and world view/ perspective

Amazing Acrylic 2

Atara Devorah Stern  Student, PAR Campus

Amazing Acrylic 3

Atara Devorah Stern  Student, PAR Campus

Amazing Acrylic 4

Atara Devorah Stern  Student, PAR Campus

Amazing Acrylic 4

Atara Devorah Stern  Student, PAR Campus


Woman in black jacket and black hat


Nichole Williamson  Student, ONL Campus

I was moved to create a visual that illustrated strength and femininity. 

Young man wearing jeans jacket green pants with red stripe

Fashion Street Wear Style

Carlos Lopez      Student, WPK Campus

Spicy Minibag

Virginia Florian  Student, WPK Campus

I have always been a fan of great Fashion Designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Coco Chanel & Cristobal Balenciaga and decided to create an accessory with luxury touches transmitting Caribbean vibes for women who love culture / folklore, colors, music, art in general.

2019 Velvet Catalogue Collection

Shantae S. Esannason  Student, Online Campus

Velvet Brand Luxury footwear you dream to wear. Smooth like velvet. MADE IN ITALY


Chassity Jackson  Student, ONL Campus

Digital Composition of Bridal Styling and Skirt Design inspired by the impressionism & surrealism art movements.

A Sister's Bond

Chassity Jackson  Student, ONL Campus

Digital composition of Bridal Styling for Girls inspired by the impressionism & surrealism art movements.

Mixed Media

Multiple color flowers

Color of Soul

Megan LiBritz              Student, WPK Campus

Combination of colored markers and gel/glitter pens on canvas

I love the idea of using and pairing every color against/with each other. I decided not to color a portion of the piece to really make the other colors pop out. Each color used represents the souls of those closest to me in my life. 


Gema Silva

Student, WPK Campus

Casino Dice - mostly metal

The Adventures of Caffeine Crazy and Mushroom Head

Damian A. Gary  Student, WPK Campus

These two pieces have characters drawn on ceramic tile coasters. I wanted to experiment with my new Molotow Acrylic paint markers and see how well they worked on ceramic. That's how Caffeine Crazy and Mushroom Man were born!


Music & Multimedia

Bad Habits

Emani Lloyd

Student,  NYC Campus

"A.K.A. ScubaGod: My Work is Wet it’s Dripping with excitement"

Bat in the Cave

Justin Frabasile

Student, WPK Campus

Acrylic/ mixed media on canvas. 


Justin Frabasile

Student, WPK Campus

I love to combine mediums while portraying messages of conversation I have with myself for the whole world to see because you

Motherly Love

Jarred Thompson

Student, WPK Campus

Written by me, recorded by me!


Steven Figueiredo
Associate, WPK Campus

I wrote this song recently in honor of my mother in law, Risa, who passed away in 2013 from cancer. This song was written on an acoustic guitar and also features keyboards. I wrote a little poem in regards to my mother in law and put some chords together to create the song. I thought it needed a bit more so I added the piano riff and the keyboards (strings). My friend Dave lends a hand and plays the guitar solo. 

Sundown Remix

Vincent Mas

Associate, WST Campus

Remix of an old classic 1970s song.


Andre Davidson

Student, NYC Campus

Freestyle piece trying to express artistry through music production as well as singing.


Quilting, Textiles & Jewelry

African Brilliance

Edith Churchman Faculty, WBR Campus

This is a scrap quilt which was machine stitched. It was then sent to a long arm quilter for final quilting.

Colorful quilt

Scrap Quilt

Edith Churchman  Faculty, WBR Campus

This is a portion of a full sized quilt. It is made from scraps of fabric and made by machine. It was then sent to a long arm quilter.


Nicole Sisco

Student, WPK Campus

Lots of quirky flow


Justin Frabasile

Student, WPK Campus


Duality from the Heartbroken Middle

Summers spent quiet around the dark of the light, 

He was upset his mind had taken control.

Package car shelves burt little knees and little butts,

Lost at his own mersey of letting go. 

She knew of the issues, she had been the past.

Dolled up neatly you would never see a frown,

Hot glued shards of heart broke up her fragel hands,

Concealed in a bubble of hairspray and down. 

Let us ring around the perfume tree gay.

Shakes from the ringing crack outdated faults. 

The sound of the road can’t outweigh the play,

The sounds of of the road crowd up his thoughts.

Take him away; she yelled at us frighteningly.

Take me away; he cried to himself alone.


This poem can be read while exploring the following photos: Armandina, Self Portrait, Mixed Signals and Duality. 

Amy Soricelli

V.P. Career Services

From: Summer Job in Morris Heights (and other poems)


Eighth Grade After a Shitty Summer

The street was named after her grandfather,

but not really,  just the sounds it made 

coming out of her mouth.

She would whisper it low under the skin 

when she thought the day would get folded-over 

like a hot pillow.

No one cared that much with her feet all over the couch,

and the skinny strip of gum she pulled-at during 

the longest, angry part of the day.

Her mother asked her to go outside by the swings,

or just the dogs who run around the park 

to ice cream truck sounds.

That too.

Before the weeks red stamps, and postcards 

from her friends who got on planes,

she wandered around malls pushing back

the flowered tops,

nothing but hard rock from the overhead speakers.

Her father saw them in concert.

It's okay with school starting, the pens and all that 

tapping on her phone who loves who,

all those questions;

all those wrong answers always.


Everything inspires me, especially the sad stuff.

Bonnie Lafazan

Library Director, WBR Campus


I connect in ways never before,

I scroll and waste time in a bore

I use it to track my son,

To read when I eat alone and there is no one.

I order and track my shipments abound

And view the Ring to watch them the packages be laid on the ground.

I take thousands of videos and pictures to capture their smiles and

Share and relieve the gazillion files.

I “Google” and “Siri” questions everyday

And get so frustrated when she doesn’t understand what I say.

The group texts go on for hours..

Let’s just make up our minds-are we chipping in for flowers?

I listen to so many books and podcasts

Sometimes so good I wish the traffic lasts.

Social media is my friend and foe, I love connecting and learning from my various groups

I can learn so much and be kept in the loop.

But sometimes the negativity, politics, ads, and over posting by some of their exotic trips

Makes me question myself and some of my relationships.

I use it to shop, bank, schedule, email, navigate, order food, listen to music, watch tv, play games, read books and more.

What did I ever do without my phone before?

Hugo Walter, Ph.D.

Faculty, ONL Campus


When Twilight Falls

When twilight falls along the shore

The seagulls cry against the waves

Nirvana parables of eternity

Cytherean whispers of forgotten graves;


Apocalypse-scented, magenta-blossoming silences

Of silver-almandine sands weaving pink-amaryllis streams

Of lotus-altared light across saffron-glistening amplitudes

Of honeysuckle-dewed, camellia-gloaming dreams.


My poetry is often inspired by the beauty, the serenity, and the vitality of nature.

Gabriella Aliotta

Student, WPK Campus


Where are you?

Where did you go?

I saw you laying there battling the in between. Are you in your garden?

Or down the shore amongst the sea?

I saw you leave but I don’t know where you are.

Are you sitting in a chair on a deck in your backyard?

Or are you among the birds like the ones you used to feed?

Are you there? Are you where you want to be?

Did you see your love again, running to your feet?

Was she at peace? How did you move on?

Where did you go? 


I wrote this poem after mourning the loss of my grandparents who both passed away from Alzheimers. This poem comes from the heart about what happens after we move into the next life.