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Virtual Art and Creativity Festival

Showcasing talent and creative expression from the Berkeley College Community. New exhibits launch annually in honor of National Distance Learning Week.

Bode, Aida, 2020

Alumna, Business Management, NYC Campus

Aida Bode is a poet and writer from former communist Albania, whose works have been published in a variety of online and print magazines including, Silver Birch Press, Neuro Logical Magazine, CatheXis Northwest Press, Prelude, 34th Parallel, Transcendent Zero Press, West Texas Literary Review, Three Line Poetry, The Raven's Perch, Vayavya, as well as Albanian presses. In addition to Albanian publications, she’s also authored/translated the well-received novel David and Bathsheba, two poetry volumes, Rated and True Cheese, and a quotes collection, A Commuter’s Eye View. Aida holds a BS in Business Management from Berkeley College, and a MA in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. In 2017 Aida was selected as a Pushcart Nominee by West Texas Literary Review.

Caminero, Anna, 2020

Student, Accounting, PAR Campus

Anna has always had a passion for cartoons; she would always watch TV while sketching her own versions of cartoons. Her notebooks were always full of doodles from the first page to the last, not even the school notebooks were safe from having one drawing or two in the back. Recently she was given a drawing tablet along with a digital illustration and animation software to make more drawings. She plans to make an animated series on her own as a hobby while to completing her degree here in Berkeley College.

Carbajo, Veruska, 2020

Student, Medical Billing and Coding, WBR Campus

Verusca is a self taught painter from gouache to acrylic paint. She is getting a hang of this and is loving her journey so far. 

Denis, Adson, 2020

Student, Criminal Justice, WBR Campus

Adson is a music driven individual who also loves poetry, he had found his inspiration around the year 1999 after falling in love with a Dominican woman since then he has been writing poetry. His inspiration comes from numerous aspects such as: the moon, the stars and the sun, landscapes, the birds, the ocean which he loves to write about. Women have remained his number inspiration as he has a poem or more for every woman he has ever been with.

Disla, Liugu-Lang, 2020

Student, Interior Design, PAR Campus

I love art and it is a way for me to express many things that sometimes I can not expressed with words. I have discovered that with a glue gun and other things the I use in my painting I can recreate many beautiful things. I do not have any 'art education', I only have my passion for doing beautiful things and the pleasure of seeing how there are people who like my work. Even though I have been doing this for a very short time, I feel that my life has always been linked to art. 

Eltalkhawi, Nadine, 2020

Student, Interior Design, WPK Campus

Nadine has an ever-growing passion for Interior Design as both an art form, and a career path, and has big hopes of to pursue said career that drives her, is inspiring, energizing and stimulating. She currently works at Berkeley College within the Center for Academic Success, tutoring student in both Interior Design and Writing. She wants to utilize all of the skills she has learned through her studies at school; programs such as AutoCAD, 3D rendering programs, Photoshop, Sketching/Drawing/Painting skills, and more, to advance her within her career. Working with people, both as coworkers and clients, is her favorite part of the field and seeing what design can do to put a smile on someone's face is what makes it all worth it to her. She hopes to one day run her own business with a great team, mainly renovating spaces; turning old and abandoned homes and vehicles, even, such as vans, buses and RV's, into beautiful habitable spaces.

Figueiredo, Steven, 2019, 2020

Senior Director, Student Accounts, Woodland Park Campus

Steve has been with Berkeley for 16 years working in the Student Accounts department and enjoys playing music with his friends in his free time. Steve took piano lessons for 10 years and learned how to play guitar on his own. You can check out his YouTube page under “Steve Figs”. Steve enjoys playing the piano and guitar as well as writing original songs in his free time.

Fiorellini, Lindsay, 2020

Student, Criminal Justice, WPK Campus

Lindsay Fiorellini is a Honors Student pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Justice Studies. In high school, she was part of a video production CTE program. Throughout her four years, she entered many film festivals with documentary films. "My Everything" was a step into a more creative part of her mind.

Gil, Angeline, 2020

Student, Health Services Management, WPK Campus

Angeline Gil is a freshman at Berkeley College, Woodland Park Campus. She does not consider herself a professional artist but finds much appreciation and love for the beauty that surrounds her in each aspect of life. In her free time, she enjoys admiring nature, identifying its presence in her place of school, work, and home. Whenever she finds a glimpse of something that catches her eyes, she immediately takes a shot of it and adds it to her album of photos. Whether through her phone, digital camera, or polaroid camera, Angeline admires the vision of everyday objects in the environment. Doing so also influences her creativity when drawing. Angeline loves to draw for relaxation purposes and finds it comforting to express her emotions through art when she can, whether it looks ordinary or exquisite.

Green, Taqueilla, 2020

Student, ONL Campus

"Life goes on where you like or not."

Herman, Meryl, 2020

Alumna, Health Services Management, NYC Campus

Meryl Herman is a proud alumni of Berkeley College. In her free time she likes to write just any way to unwind from the world. She is entering this virtual Art and Creativity Festival because she believes that its important in business to find a joy in hobby/hobbies to find true meaning in one's work.

Hughes, William, 2020

Student, Interior Design, WPK Campus

I draw, record music, write lyrics, and poetry. I'm also trying to become an architect to express my creativity through designing, drafting, and building. I started drawing at about five years old by tracing comic books. I began to rap at the age of thirteen, and poetry branched off of my song lyrics. Lastly, ever since a child, I loved to build and design houses, sculptures, and shapes out of play-doh, legos, or pretty much any material I can find. All of these hobbies became a passion of mine, and I enjoy doing it.

Kang, Jayoung, 2020

Student, Fashion Management, NYC Campus

Jayoung has had a deep attachment to art for a long time, and he expresses his feelings in paintings. Through painting, he wants to express his feelings and give people a sense of stability and joy. 
A similar feeling of art was needed in the spirit of the street to create street fashion. So I saw Barbara Kruger's painting and was inspired to make this outfit. Barbara Kruger shows impressive works in letters and pictures. There is also a political ideology in it.

Lafazan, Bonnie, 2020

Library Director, WBR Campus

Bonnie enjoys capturing all the beautiful world around her.

Lebron, Wilfredo, 2020

Student, Business Management, NYC Campus

"There is no formal training that photographers can take to create or recreate the interests in beauty that is the hunger photographers feel the need to immortalize with their photography. This beauty is the is the training and the precious gift."

Lintag, Shara Mae, 2020

Student, Graphic Design, WPK Campus

Shara Mae is a first-year student this year after graduating from the Morris County School of Technology located in Denville, NJ. She studied at the Academy for Design for four years and is now pursuing Graphic Design degree. She wants to learn new skills through new experiences so that she can become multi-talented! Right now, she is well-versed with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and is planning on grasping InDesign, AfterEffects, Adobe XD, and many more!!! She's excited for the many experiences she'll have at Berkeley! 

Louis, Agatha, 2020

Student, Legal Studies, NYC Campus

"I just love taking scenic photos on my iPhone while I’m out & about."

Lovas, Richard, 2020

Faculty, ONL Campus

Richard enjoys taking unique pictures of unique places we visit.

Martinez, Bermary, 2020

Student, Criminal Justice, NYC Campus

"I write what I feel at the moment."

Medina, Michelle, 2020

Student, Justice Studies, NYC Campus

Michelle Medina is 27 years old. She is a preschool teacher and a mother to a 2 year old girl. She started painting a couple years ago just to relax her anxiety and give her something to do. Michelle began to do research on many artists but her favorite is Frida Kahlo and Jean Michel Basquiat. She still considers herself an amateur painter because she still has so much to learn and doesn’t paint as much as she feels she should. She loves creating. Michelle makes customized tote bags, mugs, tumblers, tutu’s, shirts, and custom ashtrays. She loves exploring and creating on her free time and hopes to progress more through the next couple months.


Mickles, Juanice, 2020

Student, Marketing Communications, ONL Campus

Miranda, Tracy, 2020

Graduate Student, MBA, Online Campus

Tracy Miranda loves taking photos of nature, people, and the world. She loves how photos express feelings, emotions and are worth a thousands words. She loves using the right lighting and taking off guard photos a lot which comes out great.  

Nagarajan, Sunder, 2020

Associate, WPK Campus

"Painting, photography and the beauty of nature has always been my greatest love. Be it the human form or a landscape the urge to capture the moment is very strong. Hope to pursue that once I have more time to devote to it." 

Nandan, Gayitri , 2020

NYC Student

"I am a creative person, I love to use my imagination when I’m working on a piece of art and craft."

Okun,Gina, 2020

Assistant Dean of Online Education, WPK Campus

Gina Okun has recently become interested in digital photography, as her daughter took some classes in high school and they started a mutual interest. She plans to work harder on subject of focus. She has been told that her photos do not always provide sufficient depth. Her submission into the festival is one of her first outdoor digital photos. While not the most interesting subject, it has a personal relevance to her mechanical engineering background.

Ortiz, D'Arcy, 2020

Alumna, NYC Campus

D'Arcy is a Cloud Systems Engineer and a self taught photographer whose artistic inspiration comes from nature. D'Arcy's passion for photography became a hobby about 7 years ago. She prefers natural light photography and enjoys taking Landscape photography but will meddle with portraits.

Passero, Rovena, 2020

Counselor, Career Services, WBR Campus

"This artist dabbles in a variety of artistic arenas...poetry, oil painting, cartooning and photography. She once won first place in an art contest for cartooning. Her poetry is inspired by a specific person or event that motivates her to put pen to paper and her photography displays the beautiful, creative images of our most spectacular artist...God!"

Phillips, Allyha, 2020

Alumna, NYC Campus

Allyha worked for The LA Fashion Magazine for 3 years after graduating Berkeley College. Allyha is a professional dancer and teaches kids dance and gymnastics. She also started to learn graphic design.

Raff, Nola, 2020

Student, Interior Design, ONL Campus

Nola is a 21 year old Interior Design student living in New York. She has been oil painting for about 2 years. It’s something she has simply picked up as a hobby and find a lot of peace and therapy in doing it.

Ramos, Lorena , 2020

Graduate Student, ONL Campus

"I am an amateur artist participating on different art exhibitions in New Jersey, New York, etc, I'm part of the New Jersey artist collective." 

Sharmilee, 2020

Student, Interior Design, WBR Campus

Sharmilee is an abstract artist focused on acrylic, ink art. Displayed work at different galleries in the city. Focused on abstract artwork, to express ideas and concepts using acrylics, ink and watercolors. Breaking patterns and shapes, expressing the freedom and the infinite perspectives that could be portrayed through brushes and knives.

Soricelli, Amy 2019, 2020

Associate, V.P. Career Services

Amy Soricelli has been in the field of career education and staffing for over 30 years. A lifelong Bronx resident, she has been published in Grub Street, Camelsaloon, Versewrights, The Starving Artist, Picayune Press, Deadsnakes, Corvus review, Deadbeats, Cantos, Poetrybay, The Blue Hour Magazine, Empty Mirror, Turbulence magazine, Bloodsugar Poetry, Little Rose magazine, The Caper Journal, CrossBronx, Long Island Quarterly, Blind Vigil Review, Isacoustic, Poetry Pacific, Underfoot, Picaroon Poetry, Vita Brevis, Voice of Eve, Uppagus, The Long Islander, The Pangolin Review, Plum Tree Tavern, Red Queen Literary Magazine, Terse Journal. Ethel5, Stirring Literary Collection, Thirty West, Remington Review, Allegro Poetry, 8 Poems, as well as several anthologies. Sail Me Away, (chapbook) Dancing Girl Press, 6/2019. Nominated by Billy Collins for Emerging Writer's Fellowship/2019, Nominated for Sundress Publications "the best of the net" award 6/13, and recipient of Grace A Croff Memorial Award for Poetry, Herbert H. Lehman College, 1975.

Sullivan, Christopher, 2020

Graduate Student, MBA, WPK Campus

Military Veteran

"I am a military veteran, I served in the marine corps on the active duty side in infantry. Coming back home was difficult, I had began to isolate and cut myself off from everything and everyone. Eventually I went to get help and found solace in photography. I like setting up the shot and just forgetting about whatever problems I may have. It brings me peace."

Snyder, Pamela, 2020

Faculty, Online Campus

Pamela has been a professor at Berkeley College for over a decade and has worked both on and off-Broadway and in regional theater, most notably at Shakespeare Festivals where she originally drew this image of what the character "Macbeth" should look like onstage. Pamela has a background in Costume Design and does stylist work but also enjoys developing "characters" on all artistic levels. 

Torres, Alma, 2020

Student, Health Services Administration, NYC Campus

"I am a photographer, I love both digital and black & white but I prefer black and white photos. When I take them I can think of why I chose to capture that moment but from another perspective someone can see that image and can create a whole different meaning to them and I love it. Black and white images tell a completely different story."

Wolf, Stephen, 2020

Faculty, NYC Campus

Professor of literature and humanities, Stephen Wolf is the editor of I Speak of the City: Poems of New York (Columbia University Press) and Central Park Love Song: Wandering Beneath the Heaventrees (Griffith Press). His city portraits and histories appeared in The New York Times and regularly in The Villager. His fiction has been published in Playboy, Ploughshares, Shenandoah, Penthouse, The New American Library anthology American Families, and a short story cycle Intimate Articles. Born in Chicago, he has been a truck driver, bike messenger, construction worker, gymnastics coach, and received a Ph.D. in American Literature from the University of Illinois after having drop out of college twenty years before.