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Virtual Art and Creativity Festival

Showcasing talent and creative expression from the Berkeley College Community. New exhibits launch annually in honor of National Distance Learning Week.

Figueiredo, Steve, 2021

Senior Director, Student Accounts, WPK Campus

Steve enjoys creating music and making music videos. You may check out some more of his music on YouTube, Apple Music, Pandora, and wherever you stream your music. Just Google, Steve Figs!

Haynes, Gene, 2021

Faculty, NWK Campus

Gene lives in Brooklyn, New York, where he works as a college professor teaching business courses, mentoring young people, and working on other literary works. Finding this story again by happenstance has really inspired him to share his love and passion for the transportation industry and for inspiring youth to make their dreams a reality. 

The Mystical Closet, written by Dr. Gene Haynes is the first book published and written by this author. This book was written years ago, while his mother was cleaning, she found his manuscript for the book. After reviewing the manuscript, he decided that this story deserved to be published. Dr. Haynes has always had a passion for the transportation industry after becoming a light rail operator himself. As a token of his appreciation for all the hardworking men and women in the industry and for those who desire to enter the industry, he published this book. The Mystical Closet is the first installment of a series with plans for an animated cartoon so that younger children can be inspired.  

Lafazan, Bonnie, 2021

Library Director, WPB Campus

Bonnie enjoys capturing photos of the beautiful world around her.

Mas, Vincent, 2021

Associate, NYC Campus

Vincent likes to make remixes of old cool songs on iPhone, or if there is audio that is inspiring.

Merueta, Nicoletta, 2021

Student, Marketing Communication, ONL Campus

Nicoletta is a Romanian, who lived in Italy for over 8 years, in Ecuador for 4 years, and now in USA for 3 years and a half. She has recently separated from a marriage that wasn’t working and now is only her with my daughter against the world…

Nagarajan, Sunder , 2021

Associate, Information Systems, WPK Campus

Sunder is an IT professional and has always been drawn towards beauty in nature. The focus on photography is one step closer to understanding birds and their interaction with humans. Sunder is studying bird behavior to see if there is a correlation between human moods and a bird's instincts. Ever since his mother hand-painted charts for his elementary school, Sunder has always admired artists and their passion. While not sharing that same passion for art to make it a career, he still hopes to use the myriad mediums to create a masterpiece one day.

Nwadiugwu, Benita, 2021

Student, ONL Campus

Benita is a multidisciplinary self-taught artist who takes her inspiration from everyday life and culture. She specializes in art, photography, graphics, and design and continues to keep herself busy between the different mediums. Benita has been featured in one fashion show where she painted a live model for fashion designer Tia Adeola at her 2019 Slashed by Tia show at the Prince George Ballroom. She hopes to one day have a showcasing birthday of her own to show the world her God-given talents.

Rivera, Maria, 2021

Director, Continuing Education, WPK Campus

Maria has been developing her gardening skills for the last couple of years. She loves container gardening and discovering new plants such as the Rose Mallow, which she discovered/planted two years ago. It has been exciting to see how much it has grown in that short time. 

Serifi, Jose Daniel, 2021

Student, WPK Campus

Jose Daniel Serifi is a first-year Graphic Design student at the Berkeley College, Woodland Park Campus. When it comes to art, Jose tries to bring his imagination to life, creating abstract and colorful pieces of art whenever an idea pops in his head, along with having a message behind them. He has always seen himself as the artistic type but never knew how to express it in his own way, until now. Jose aspires to make amazing things that make people stop and stare for a while, and leave with what they just saw replaying in their minds. He wants to use his visions in a way that helps the world, show that there's still color to be found on a planet that's mostly seen as gray. Although he hasn't figured things out yet, he'll keep pushing himself to be the best he can be.

Silva, Marcus, 2021

Alumnus, WPK Campus

Marcus is a graphic interactive designer based in NJ. He uses traditional art forms to share his imagination and create environments for people to relate to each other. Many of his designs connect to culture, illustration, and focus on color. When designing logos for clients, Marcus combines artistic intuition with the needs of the business. The majority of his illustrations are influenced by tattoo artistry and the desire to always have a unique piece of art on a person. Inspired by the pop art movement and the bright, contrasting use of color by Andy Warhol.

Ward, Raynishae, 2021

Student, ONL Campus

I’m just an outgoing, fun person who loves to smile even when days are bad. I am a mother of 1 and drawing is one of my hobbies.