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Virtual Student Center

This guide features all the ways you can get involved with Student Development and Campus Life Online including live and pre-recorded online events, online clubs and more. Make your experience as a Berkeley Online student your own!


Yammer is a communication and social network platform for Berkeley College students. You can stay in touch, start conversations, and share and collaborate within groups organized by structure, topic, or project. 

Yammer is available online and as an app on Windows Mac (Links to an external site.), and mobile devices  allowing you to stay up to date wherever you are. 

 You can invite Berkeley College faculty, staff, and students to join a Yammer group. You can also request to join existing groups that are relevant to you.

Public groups can be joined by all Yammer members. 

Private groups can only be joined when invited by a group administrator. 

Click here to find out how to set up public and private groups (Links to an external site.).


Join us on Yammer