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MGT 2220: Principles of Management (Assignment)

Term Assignment



  1. Background and Context: Discuss type of industry, products/services, and how organizational vision and strategies have influenced their management.
  2. Analysis of current managerial style and organizational culture.
  3. One NEW recommendation by you that the company can embark on in the near future meaning the next one to three years. This can be a goal to fix issues the company may be experiencing, or to address new endeavors from a growth perspective. Ensure that these align with the organization’s vision and values.   This recommendation must not be identical or very similar to anything the organization is planning already or is currently involved in.  The management involves the four functions of management being applied to achieve some type of organizational goal.
  4. For your recommendation you will select one goal that will be accomplish. This goal must be a specific goal following the SMART goal setting theory. That means the goal must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound.
  5. Once your goal is selected for your new strategic initiative you will complete the following four areas regarding the four functions of management.

List and describe the 4 functions of management.  Then, for each of the functions describe how your goal will be achieved by the organization. This section should be approximately eight paragraphs. Four paragraphs to describe the four functions, and then four paragraphs to apply the four functions to how the organization will address your recommendation.


Getting Started

A published SWOT report or company profile is always a good starting point for your company analysis.   These reports will also provide the name of the top management executives at your company.

To Locate SWOT Reports:

  • Business Insights - From the main page in Business Insights, select a company or search for the name of your company. There are Company Profiles for 400,000+ companies, and the largest 1000 public companies have a SWOT analysis right next to the Company Overview.
  • ProQuest Central - From the main search page in ProQuest Central, type the name of your company and SWOT into the search bar. From the results, choose the relevant record

To Locate Company Profiles:

  1. Business Market Research Collection - This collection includes Hoover’s Company Profiles for thousands of public and non-public companies.   From the main search page, type the name of your company and HOOVERS into the search bar.   From the results, choose the relevant record.