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Faculty Services & Instructional Support LibGuide

This guide provides information, resources and details on the library's research and instructional services.

Featured Resource

Electronic Resource Highlight: Flipster - Digital Magazines 

One of the library's newest resources, Flipster is a digital magazine platform providing access to 18 different titles online or through the Flipster app. Browse or search through full text and full color copies of design, business, science and fashion magazines from anywhere. Unlike databases that collect only the text of articles, Flipster allows you access to all the images and advertisements included in the original issue of each magazine. Browse new and back issues, or search within one or multiple issues at once.

Click on the image for access:

Physical Collection: Books, DVDs, Magazines

Stack of books

Books. Photography. Britannica ImageQuest. Encylcopedia Britannica, 25 May 2016. 

The Library Catalog includes the collections of all Berkeley College libraries. There are more than 86,000 titles. Use it to find books, DVDs and audio books.

This step-by-step tutorial shows how to navigate to the library catalog and perform a search. 

Use the physical collection in your class!  

  • Librarians can put items on reserve for students semester-long.
  • Librarians can create a bibliography of useful resources for your class or an assignment.
  • You can check out a DVD to show in class.
  • You can request the library purchase items you'd like to use in your class.

A Spring 2018 JUS 2210 required the book, Buddy Boys for a term assignment the library purchased three copies to support the class. One copy was kept on reserve in the library and two were circulated among students. 


The library provides access to multiple e-book collections. eBooks can supplement course textbooks, support specific assignments, and be used as optional additional resources to add value to your class. Multiple students can access the same eBook simultaneously and remotely.

 stack of books and ebook reader

Amazon Kindle Fire tablet e-book leaning against a pile of hardcover books. Photo. Britannica ImageQuest. Encyclopedia Britannica. 25 May 2016/

This tutorial from ProQuest will show you how to navigate eBook Central. 


There are over 100 multipurpose and discipline specific databases providing access to full text articles, research, reports, reference, and scholarly publications. 

This step-by-step tutorial shows how to navigate to a library database and perform a search. 

  • Librarians can suggest specific databases for your assignments.
    • For a FAS2245 "open to buy" project, librarian Bill McNelis taught students to use the IBISWorld database to find industry reports and the Fashion Snoops database to find forecasting reports. 
    • For a ACC2201 course, librarian Susan Van Alstyne taught students to use the Lexis Nexis database to discover Financial Ratios in three easy steps. 
  • Many databases have citations features so you can spend less time showing students how to create proper citations, and more time teaching content

Streaming Media

Streaming media collections support course content across the curriculum. 

The streaming media collection provides instant access and simultaneous viewing of educational programming.  All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and a computer or mobile device that meets the minimum technical requirements. 

video play icon

Play icon. Clip Art. Britannica ImageQuest. Encyclopedia Britannica, 25 May 2016.

Titles from these collections can be shown in the classroom, embedded within a Canvas course, viewed at home or on the go.

There is a wide range of topics covered, including curriculum-related content such as Business, Economics, Criminal Justice, and Law collections and new and popular documentaries. 

  • Show a documentary in class and design an assignment around it.
  • Show educational video clips to teach skills or illustrate a point.
  • Assign videos and documentaries as homework assignments to encourage variety of resources.
  • Using Kanopy or Films on Demand, create playlists or video clips to share with students.

The library purchased streaming rights to Discovering Fashion - Stella McCartney in support of the FALL2021 Fashion Forecasting class. 


Librarians have created over 150 guides for courses, assignments, and events. 

A course or assignment themed LibGuide is the perfect tool to help students locate and use a variety of library resources.

A LibGuide can: 

  • Describe pre-selected resources; provide instruction for use and link directly to the location.
  • Provide Video Playlists from the streaming media collections.
  • Include citation and other writing help tools.
  • Contain librarian contact information for point of need assistance.
  • Articles and eBook links can be captured and included as course reserves.
  • Your customized LibGuide has a unique URL that can be listed on the course syllabi or embedded directly into Canvas.

Librarians create custom assignment guides by faculty request. These guides help students understand the assignment, access the appropriate resources, and use effective research strategies. 

To request a LibGuide, contact a subject specialist for your campus. 

LibAnswers FAQs

The library maintains over 400 FAQs for students, associates, and faculty. FAQs cover topics such as Database Searching, Computers & Technology, Citation Help, and Faculty-specific questions. They are continually updated, and anyone can request a new FAQ

For English classes which assign students to research both sides of a specific issue, we have a selection of FAQs which help students to complete the assignment. We can make widgets like these for other assignments and topics, and these can be embedded into Canvas or a Libguide to support your course.