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ENG 1105: Literary Subject Research Paper Assignment

This research guide will help students in Professor DelVino's ENG 1105 courses with finding resources for their research papers.

Using Articles in your Research

Articles can come from a variety of publications including scholarly journals, magazines or newspapers.  The way you use these articles in your writing can be determined by where they were published and their purpose. 

For a paper on terrorism, analytical articles from journals or magazines can be useful to incorporate into your paper to justify your argument for or against a law. Newspaper articles can provide background information on the actions of terrorist organizations but won't provide analysis of their behavior.  

Since they are shorter than books, useful articles can be easier to identify and include as references in your paper.  Remember, evaluating where they are published and who wrote them are important steps in determining their authority before quoting them in your paper as well. 

Suggested Databases

How-to Tutorials

This video will show you how to access and search in library databases. 

If you are having issues accessing the video, use the link below:

This playlist of videos will explain a basic search, advanced search and reviewing results in ProQuest Central.