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ENG 1105: Literary Subject Research Paper Assignment

This research guide will help students in Professor DelVino's ENG 1105 courses with finding resources for their research papers.

Using Books in your Research

Books and eBooks can be valuable assets in research.  Due to their length and how long they take to publish, they will not be the first resources available on certain topics such as recent events or new research. For example, books on the 2016 election were not available days after the election while newspapers, magazines and articles were published within days or hours.  

Some positive aspects of using books for research include that they are reviewed by a publisher, their length allows them to be very detailed about a topic and they may include an index to help the reader navigate to relevant parts.  eBooks in particular can be very valuable because you can use a search box to find exact search terms and you can click to the exact pages you need. 

How To Tutorials

This video will walk you through the steps to search for print books using the Library Catalog. 

If you are having issues accessing the video, use the link below:

This short video will show you have to locate books in ebook central. 

If you are having trouble viewing the embedded video use the link below: