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FAS 2224 Fashion Product Knowledge

Your Assignment


Select a classification from the list below within a home or accessory category and research the classification in depth.  Information to be researched/submitted includes:

  • Introduction - the history and evolution of this category 
  • Product Information
  • Leading manufacturers and designers
  • Where merchandise is produced – domestic or foreign
  • Quality and price differentials
  • Where and how the merchandise is sold  (for example: types of retail outlets, catalogs, internet)
  • Applicable government rulings and laws
  • Technology factors
  • New product developments 

The assignment must be written in student’s own words and include pictures and, if possible, samples of the merchandise category.   Pictures and/or samples of the merchandise are in addition to the typewritten portion of the paper.  Information of all kinds, whether directly quoted or used as reference, including books, magazines, images and websites, must be properly cited in the APA style.     

You must also prepare a power point presentation to share with your classmates via our discussion board. 

Classifications for Research