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Universal Design

This guide will assist you in applying the principles and practices of Universal Design to your shared and presented content.

General Practice

Web Accessibility in Mind (WebAIM), a group the forefront of universal design practices, offers easy-to-understand walkthroughs of ways to make your web content more accessible.

WebAIM Logo

WebAIM also created WAVE, a website accessibility evaluator, which anyone can use to see specifically where accessibility issues appear on a website. 


W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) offers a great collection of design tips and tricks through their Web Accessibility Initiative, and also has an HTML markup validator tool, which identifies coding errors on a particular website.

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Core Concepts

Supporting information comes from WebAIM (Web Accessibility in Mind).

Document Accessibility

Articles on Website Evaluation

"How to Evaluate a Website" - The Visual Communication Guy Blog

"Measuring Accessibility in the User Experience (UX) and the Searcher Experience" - Marketing Land

"Web Content, Universally Designed" - Accessibility at Colorado State University