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Embedding Library Content at Point-of-Need in Canvas

How do I integrate the library's resources and collections into my Canvas courses effectively and efficiently?

Embedding a Subject-Specific Database List

The LibGuides Canvas integration allows one to embed subject-specific resource lists directly into your assignments or modules. The Library subscribes to over 90 electronic collections, including subject-specific databases, scholarly journals, eBooks, streaming media, and digital magazines. All of these resources can be found in the library’s A-Z Databases list.

How do I embed a subject-specific database list in Canvas?

  1. Start in the module that you want to create a database list in – click the plus sign in the top-right of the module to add new content.
  2. Create a new announcement, discussion, assignment, or page (anywhere where you have access to the “rich text editor”) - for this example I’ll create a new page
  3. Open and edit my new page – now I see the rich text editor
  4. Look for the little symbol that looks like a “V” and click it, then select “library content”
  5. Select the content you wish to embed.
    1. LibGuides Site: always select “LibGuides V2” (standard)
    2. Content type: usually select “Database for Specific Subject”
      1. One could optionally embed a single database or all databases
    3. Subject: search or browse for the subject you are teaching
    4. Guide Page: usually the home page of the LibGuide
  6. Save and publish