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Embedding Library Content at Point-of-Need in Canvas

How do I integrate the library's resources and collections into my Canvas courses effectively and efficiently?

Embedding LibGuides

The LibGuides Canvas integration allows one to embed interactive research guides directly into your assignments and modules. LibGuides are filled with helpful research strategies, discipline-specific resources and video tutorials, and can be customized for specific courses and assignments upon request.

How do I embed a LibGuide in Canvas?

  1. Start in the module that you want to create a LibGuide in – click the plus sign in the top-right of the module to add new content.
  2. Create a new announcement, discussion, assignment, or page (anywhere where you have access to the “rich text editor”) - for this example I’ll create a new page
  3. Open and edit my new page – now I see the rich text editor
  4. Look for the little symbol that looks like a “V” and click it, then select “library content”
  5. Select the content you wish to embed.
    1. LibGuides Site: always select “LibGuides V2” (standard)
    2. Content type: usually select “Full LibGuide”
      1. One could optionally embed a single page or single content box from a LibGuide
    3. Guide: search or browse for the LibGuide you wish to embed
    4. Guide Page: usually the home page of the LibGuide
  6. Save and publish