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BUS 4451 - Business Strategy & Policy

Course Guide for BUS 4451 - Strategic Analysis of a Corporation

Your Research Project

 An analysis of a corporation 

Parameters and guidelines for the strategic assessment:

  • The student will choose a corporation to be analyzed by that student individually.
  • The choice of firm for analysis should be directly related to the student’s major area of study.
  • Publicly traded corporations are generally preferred due to the availability of information.
  • Student should apply strategic analysis models to the chosen firm.
  • Situational analysis of the firm should include:
    • A brief overview of the firm, including a mission/vision analysis
  • Internal analysis of strengths and weaknesses,
  • External analysis of firm opportunities threats
  • Industry analysis using Porter’s Five Forces or other relevant model.
  • Net assessment and critique of the viability and strategic potential of the firm’s current strategy and evaluation of the strategic alternatives available for recommendation by the student. 

Required parameters:

  • A midterm draft (or a series of ongoing drafts) of the paper will be required and reviewed by the Instructor. 
  • 15 – 25 pages, double spaced.
  • APA format. 
  • Research materials should be high-quality sources such as those available through the library online databases. 


Getting Started