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HUM 3325 Feminist Thought Research Project

From your Librarian

This is the library assignment guide for HUM 3325. Each tab on this guide will help you use the correct resources for your assignments.  If you need help you can access a librarian through Contact Us or chat with a librarian by using the chat box to the left.

Your Assignment

Welcome to the Feminist Thought LibGuide. Before you get started, please review the assignment and assignment requirements. Once you have familiarized yourself with the instructions, explore the tabs on the top of the guide for more resources, tutorials and help.
Your Assignment:

Choose a famous woman in history from the list provided, introduce the major stages of her life, explain her significance and highlight the reasons why you consider her a major figure in history. It is important that you go beyond simply listing facts from your sources; you must make the material your own by commenting on, evaluating, and explaining the facts. 

•Represent YOUR OWN portrait of the person. Make clear what achievements of the person YOU value most; do this by selecting specific details then explain and evaluate their significance in general as well as for yourself.
•Include a minimum of 3 reliable research sources. At least one of your main sources must come from a Berkeley College Library database! 

Required length: 4-5 double-spaced pages; approximately 1200-1400 words (including Works Cited).