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Term Projects are summative and designed to provide students opportunities to synthesize overarching concepts learned in class. They may include individual and/or group research projects, essays, oral and visual presentations.   The capstone is a four part project that applies all of the knowledge gained in previous courses. 

All work must be completed in the APA style.  Written work must be double-spaced in Times New Roman, 12-point font.  Information of all kinds, whether directly quoted or used as reference, including books, magazines, images and websites, must be properly cited throughout your work.  All assignments must include a Reference page at the end. 

Part A: Find a Niche

As a group, you will do research and analysis to determine a fashion market niche, wherein a significant customer base is not being adequately served. This niche could be related to a new product, a particular lifestyle, a size or price category, or a garment function.  In order to determine this niche, you will need to:

1)      Complete an Environmental Scan including PEST Analysis (Political Economical Social and Technological factors)

2)      Complete a Trend Analysis (past trends, current trends, future trends/forecasting)

3)      Based on this analysis determine the need in the market from steps 1 & 2

4)      Identify the target customer based on the need determined in step 3 (demographics, psychographics)

5)      Evaluate the competition (price, location, market access, customer base)

Part B: Develop the Business

As a group, you will develop a business plan that satisfies the niche in the market identified in Part A. The plan will include:

1)      Brand/Business Name

2)      Type of business:  Explain advantages and disadvantages (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation)

3)      Mission Statement / Unique Selling Proposition / POD (Point of Difference)

4)      Basic Brand Elements (logo, color scheme, fonts)

5)      Target Customer (Identify in detail, your target customer based on your niche analysis)

6)      SWOT Analysis for your company including three future opportunities to grow the business i.e. licensing, location expansion, product spin-offs.

7)      Product Classification & Pricing plan

8)      Corporate Responsibility plan (Fair Trade, Environment, Resources)

9)      Omni-channel analysis (Channels / Platforms to be used)

Part C: Develop the Line      

As a group, you will develop a plan for a product line that you’ve identified in Part B.  The plan will include:

1)      Identify three products and provide sketches or other representative visuals

2)      Create a Spec Sheet for each of your products

3)      Create a Cost Sheet for each of your  products

4)      Identify your sourcing plan including supply chain and related timeline (Merchandise Calendar)

5)      Identify 1 - 3 - 5 year goals including financial objectives with analysis and contingency planning

Part D: Promote the Line

Now that you have a product line, it is time to launch and promote the line:

1)      Create three of the following to promote your product line:

a)   Product Page for E-Commerce Site

b)   Product Page for a Catalog

c)   One-Page Magazine Ad

d)   Email Blast introducing the new line

e)   Press Release introducing the new line

f)    Social Media page (Face book, Instagram, Twitter, etc. introducing the new line

g)   In-Store promotional poster

h)   Hang-Tag

i)     1-minute product/brand video on YouTube


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