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ENG 1105: Controversial Issue Assignment

This guide will assist in writing the research paper on a controversial social issue for ENG 1105: Writing and Research.

Using Websites in your Research

The strengths of a website can also be its weaknesses - they're quick to update, can be created by anyone and can include either a large or small amount of information. 

Since they can be created by anyone, they must be evaluated closely to ensure the author's authority in relation to the content and also make sure that the content is accurate.  

An Internet search can return millions of results with some websites including only a paragraph of relevant information or possibly pages upon pages to be reviewed. Knowing how to perform an effective search can help save time when researching. 

Use the tutorials below to assist in finding reliable and credible websites for your assignment. 

How-To Tutorials

`The video below will provide tips and information on how to evaluate a web source for credibility and reliability.