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ENG 1105: Controversial Issue Assignment

This guide will assist in writing the research paper on a controversial social issue for ENG 1105: Writing and Research.

Your Assignment

Controversial Issue Paper

Description: Write a persuasive research paper on either a) "A controversial issue about your major" or b) "A controversial issue in general" that must be approved by your Professor.  You must use two primary sources and 3 secondary sources and write at least 5 pages.  ‚ÄčThis should include at least 2 in-text citations from each of your sources. 

The content in this LibGuide will help you:

  • Identify the types of resources available in research and how they are similar and different 
  • See searching for resources as a strategic process that is thoughtful and complex
  • Use the ProQuest Central & Opposing Viewpoints databases to find scholarly journal, magazine and newspaper articles
  • Use eBook Central to find ebooks
  • Ensure that you are finding specific resources that meet your research needs

Getting Started

Below is a suggested timeline that can help you to start working on your paper:

  • Select a topic and get it approved by your Professor.  See the paper description above. 
  • Review some basic information about your topic.  You can use the Encyclopedia Britannica database or the Opposing Viewpoints database from the Library as a resource for this.
  • Review the resources that this guides recommends for further research while creating your arguments and writing. 
  • As you write your paper, use the Writing & Citing guide from the Center for Academic Success or visit your campus CAS for any assistance.