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MGT 2250: Not For Profit Management (Assignment)

MGT 2250 Assignment

 Written Report


Not-for-Profit Management


General Description of Project: Students will select one nonprofit organization of their choice and will conduct an in-depth evaluation and assessment.   Note:  No two students can select the same company.


Identify the vision, mission and purpose of this organization.

Based on your research --- identify at least 3 key strategic issues.

Select at least 7 key chapter concepts (for example, volunteerism, marketing, governing board responsibilities, etc) that are of most interest to you in your analysis and apply it to the selected organization.

Your analysis must include reasons (supported by your research not your opinion) why the organization is successful in accomplishing its purpose in the light of what you have learned.   If it is not successful, what are the contributory factors to not making it successful?

​Provide a list of at least 3 well-supported (based on sources) strategic recommendations that you think will be of benefit to the organization.

This report should be a minimum of 8 pages with 3 documented sources in the APA format.