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JUS 4407: Patriot Act Assignment

This guide provides resources to assist in completing the Terrorism Research Paper for JUS 4407: Global Security.

Your Assignment

Terrorism & The Patriot Act Paper

Description: Write a paper that is at least 5 pages that identifies one domestic terrorist group and one international terrorist group.  You will describe one act of terror that was either attempted or committed by both groups.  You will also discuss the Patriot Act as it relates to terrorism and the Fourth Amendment and if it should remain in its current form or be changed and how. 

The content in this LibGuide will help you:

  • Re-evaluate that way you look at source authority 
  • Determine the best ways to evaluate sources in criminal justice to determine credibility
  • Use the ProQuest Central & Opposing Viewpoints databases to find scholarly journal, magazine and newspaper articles.
  • Use ebook central to find ebooks.
  • Ensure that you are finding specific resources that meet your research needs.

Getting Started

Below is a suggested timeline that can help you to start working on your paper:

  • Select the two terrorist groups you will write about from the list provided by your Professor
  • Review a basic description of those groups.  You can use the Encyclopedia Britannica database from the Library as a resource. 
  • Review the Patriot Act and the Fourth Amendment. You can also use the Encyclopedia Britannica database from the Library as a resource for this.
  • Review the resources this guides recommends for further research while creating your arguments and writing. 
  • As you write your paper, use the Writing & Citing guide from the Center for Academic Success or visit your campus CAS for any assistance.

How to Choose your Topic

  • Your Professor has already created a list of terrorist groups to select from
  • Review that list and select ONE Domestic terror group and ONE International Terror group.
    • For more information on the groups from the pre-determined list, use the Encyclopedia Britannica database.This resource will give you a basic description of each organization to help you make your decision.