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SCI 4405: Controversial Topic-Ethical Dilemma Assignment

This guide outlines the assignments in Professor Espinosa's Bioethics course and will help you find resources for the final paper and presentation.

Getting Started

Controversial Topic - Ethical Dilemma: 1) Analysis, 2) Paper, 3) Presentation

This assignment consists of three parts, 1) explore the depth and difficulty of an ethical situation using a variety of resources; gather arguments from different perspectives, and question all viewpoints 2) write a final paper that presents your team's position 3) prepare and deliver a presentation on the topic. 

Use the navigation tabs on the left for an additional explanation of each assignment and selected resources. 

 Begin by choosing a partner and selecting one of the eText Chapter topics listed below. 

Chapter 5. Should limits of age be put on elderly women who want to gestate embryos? Should limits be put on the number of embryos implanted during assisted reproduction?                                                                                            

Chapter 7. Is it permissible to not operate on a Down baby if it is permissible to abort a Down fetus in the second trimester?

Chapter 10. Do surgeons abuse patients in trying to be the first to do a new kind of surgery?
Chapter 12. Should one baby ever be used to help another?
Chapter 13. Should intersex children be allowed to wait until they are teenagers to decide their gender?
Chapter 14. Is research on people with schizophrenia usually ethical? Or bad for such people?
Chapter 16. Are some methods immoral for stopping the global spread of HIV?
Chapter 18. Is all medical enhancement cheating, in one form or another?
Chapter 19. Is Kant correct that Alcoholics Anonymous contradicts itself about how to stop drinking?