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MGT 3350: Small Business Management

Business Plan Elements


Create an Abbreviated Business Plan for a Small Business that you Select. 

Your business plan will address the key elements of getting started (implementing) your business, obtaining the funding, and on-going operations.   

The outline includes the following sections:

Executive Summary - Overview of the significant points                              
Industry, Target Customer, and Competitor Analysis - Key characteristics of the industry
Company Description - The nature of the business, its primary product or service,
its current status (startup, buyout, or expansion)
Product/Service Plan- Justification for why people will buy the product or service, based on its unique features.
Operations and Development Plan- Operating or manufacturing methods,
Critical Risks - Any known inherent risks in the venture.
Exit Strategy - Ways an investor—and the entrepreneur—may be able to harvest their business investment
Financial Plan - Contemplated source of funding.