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SWOT Research

This research guide will help students find information needed for a SWOT analysis. It includes databases, websites and videos showing how look for the different factors.

What is a SWOT?

What is a SWOT analysis?

A SWOT analysis is an evaluation of the internal and external environments of a company, organization, or nonprofit. SWOT analyses are often used to create strategic business plans.

  • Internal factors are generally classified as strengths or weaknesses.  
  • External factors are typically considered to either be opportunities or threats.

The four factors together: Strengths + Weakness + Opportunities + Threats,
make up a SWOT analysis. 


To find information for a SWOT, you will need to analyze articles, data, financial reports and surveys from a variety of credible sources.

Review the pages of this guide to see what to find and where to find it for each of the different areas of your SWOT analysis.




Frequently Asked Questions about SWOT Research

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