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Library Streaming Video Collections

Introduction to Streaming Video on the Internet

A number of freely accessible Internet sites provide access to streaming videos. These sites may host content or merely point to content hosted elsewhere. Advertising supports some of these sites. Others are the official site for a producer, distributor, series, or festival. Searching functions on these sites vary widely, and content can change or be removed without notice.

Disclaimer: Berkeley College Libraries are not responsible for any of the content linked from these sites. We cannot guarantee availability of the content they provide, nor assume responsibility for the functionality of these sites.

Open Access Streaming Video Sites

  • American Indian Film Gallery - University of Arizona resource contains vintage films listed by tribe.
  • American Memory - This project from the Library of Congress provides access to several hundred early motion pictures.
  • American Rhetoric - Features a growing collection of text, audio, and video versions of over 5,000 speeches.
  • Archive of American Television - Hosted by the TV Academy Foundation this archive provides access to hundreds of in-depth video interviews with TV's greatest legends and pioneers. 
  • Art21 - Art in the 21st Century is a PBS series, educational resource, archive, and history of contemporary art.
  • Big Five Glories - The Big Five Glories is dedicated specifically to classic films from the 1930's through the 1970's.
  • Civil Rights Digital Library - Provides access to online films, texts, images, and audio recordings related to the Civil Rights movement in the United States in the 1950's and 1960's. 
  • CSPAN Video Library - This resource includes almost every program that has aired on C-SPAN, including more than 170,000 hours of content, going back to 1987.
  • Documentary Heaven - A searchable archive of full-length documentary films in a variety of subject areas.‚Äč
  • Documentary Tube - Another searchable archive of documentary films.
  • Free Documentaries - Offers a wide variety of documentaries by independent film makers from around the world.
  • Free Movies Online - Over 1,150 quality films that you can watch online. 
  • Frontline - View complete episodes of a selection of films from the acclaimed series."Frontline" offers an unflinching and compelling look at complex, vital and often-controversial subjects. 
  • Health Library Online - The Stanford Health Library provides a collection of online videos covering various health topics, including health and society, cancer support, and women's health.
  • Hippo Campus - This site was designed as part of Open Education Resources (OER), a worldwide effort to improve access to quality education. Collections include Khan Academy, NROC, PHET and Earth Science Multimedia.
  • International Monetary Fund - A searchable archive of videos produced by the IMF. 
  • Khan Academy - practical exercises and instructional videos across math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more
  • Lannan Foundation - Provides access to 15 years of audio and video recordings from live events and interviews with notable authors, scholars, and activists.
  • Movie Clips - An astonishing compilation of tens of thousands of feature film clips. 
  • Moving Image Archive - An assortment of videos including classic feature films, daily alternative news broadcasts, cartoons, concerts, ephemera, archival footage, educational and industrial films, classic sports videos, television, and way more.
  • National Film Board of Canada - Offers documentaries, animated film and more from around the world. They also have channels for topics like history, biography and the arts.
  • PBS Video - Provides access to selected programs from selected PBS series. NOTE: Some content now requires a PBS membership for extended access to on-demand content through Passport.
  • Plunkett Research - The award-winning resource for market research, industry trends analysis, business commentary, and industry statistics in affordable, easy-to-use online access and reference book formats. 
  • POV - Provides a selection of full length films, short films, and lesson plan based clips from the acclaimed PBS point-of-view documentary film series.
  • A La Carta - is the Spanish public broadcasting company and it provides free online streaming for a wide variety of its films, documentaries and television programming.
  • Snag Films - Provides access to full-length documentary films from established distributors and first-time filmmakers. 
  • TED: Technology, Entertainment, Design - Over 1400 of the best talks to stir your curiosity about technology, entertainment and design.
  • Top Documentary Films - Another searchable archive of documentary films.
  • Thanhouser Films Online - More than 50 films provide a representative cross section of the output produced by the Thanhouser film enterprise based in New Rochelle, New York between 1910 and 1917.
  • Travel Film Archive - A collection of travelogues and educational and industrial films that show the world the way it was between 1900 through 1970.
  • TV News - The archive is updated with new broadcasts 24 hours after they first appear.
  • Vimeo: Documentary Films Channel - Vimeo's documentary-specific channel.
  • YouTube: Documentary Channel - Youtube's documentary-specific channel.